Non-Binary Pride

Something else quick for Pride Month! The idea of Cordelia being non-binary has sunk its claws into my brain and won’t let go.  Pretty sure it has to do with the human version of them that I did a while back. So here they are!~

Conversations with Younger Selves – Lars

I’ve had this idea for a series for a while. What would certain characters from IDW say to their younger selves?  Would they offer advice?  Marvel at how weird they were as children/teenagers?  Or just listen to themselves vent? For Lars, I think he would want to show what he’s done and where he has… Continue reading Conversations with Younger Selves – Lars

Mermay Heartbreak

So, one of the prompts from Mermay this year was Heartbreak.  And for some reason, I latched onto it.  And here we are. Also, I’d imagine that there is a very, very, very short list of people who Poe would openly cry in front of.  It’s like, Octavian and Clark,  seen here crying along because he’s… Continue reading Mermay Heartbreak

Meming Along

Am I late to the meme?  Yes, absolutely.  But the idea popped in my head and it needed to be done. And for those of you who don’t get it – just look up “borzoi meme” or “let me do it for you.”  It’ll all make sense.  Hopefully.


Had a moment of art block there for a moment, but we’re back! And this time – we’ve got more Pokemon fanart. And these guys just might be my new favorites from this new Generation – the Nacli line (Nacli, Naclstack, and Garganacl). (And no – I still have not played the new games.  Because… Continue reading Behold

Christmas Nonsense

Yeah, I don’t know.  Just an idea that popped in my head while watching, well, The Muppets’ Christmas Carol. …it is still one of the superior versions, let’s face it. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve!  Here’s to a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!