DTIYS: Witchy Friends

Haven’t done one of these in a while. This is a Draw This in Your Style for Witchy Friends, an account I follow on Instagram that just recently hit 30K followers. Just tickled my fancy, and thought I’d give it a go.  Quite like how it turned out!

Another DTIYS

Two posts in one day. What even is this. But yeah, just another Draw This in Your Style for Instagram, this time for the artist disrupted_sky.  I love their artwork (one of those really good at anatomy type people), and really wanted to take part in it. So here are their original characters, Malcolm and… Continue reading Another DTIYS

Gardening Pals

Who needs a spade when you have metal claws for hands?

Feel like this is something that Cleo and Quincy would bond over – hanging out outside, puttering around the garden. After all, plants are easier to handle than people. Also, I realized that I’ve drawn Cleo a grand total of two times in the past year.  Unacceptable.  Our witch friend deserves more air time.

Under the Mask

Do Eldritch abominations enjoy flower arranging?

Truly a question for the ages, Dot. And by that I mean, I really have no idea yet.  Could be anything under there.  Could just be a gaping hole.  Or the mask could be his face itself. Who knows?