A Heaping Helping of Not Helping

This does happen, from time to time. My brain decides to tell me, “Why do you keep on drawing?  You’re not even that good.  No one actually sees it.  You’re buried by the algorithm.  You’re not even making money off of it.  Why even try?” But then comes the question – what should I be… Continue reading A Heaping Helping of Not Helping


This really is one of my pet peeves. It’s one thing to see a trailer, or read a synopsis, and think, “Yeah, that’s not my cup of tea.  Won’t even bother.”  Or to read the reviews and think, “Ech, perhaps I won’t be seeing that.” It is another thing entirely to post a bad review… Continue reading Reviews

Breathing Fire

Brought to you by me, just wanting to get home from work on Tuesday, only to be repeatedly thwarted by the shear amount of people who can’t drive or seem to have forgotten how to. Driving would be easier if it weren’t for other drivers, I swear.



A summation of my feelings about yesterday: bewilderment and dismay mixed with all-around shock and a touch of unbridled rage. Absolutely freaking bonkers, I tell you.  People have officially lost their minds.

Last Week

Been a while since I drew these guys.

Last week. My god. Last week was one of the longest, most excruciating weeks I have had the displeasure of experiencing period. Like, all of the anxiety I’ve had during 2020 was jammed into the span of a week and heightened to levels that I haven’t felt in years. All due to a very particular… Continue reading Last Week


I art so well.

Really, I try to avoid to draw anything with wheels. Had a brief moment of panic this past week when my car decided to not start one morning.  Instantly thought this was gonna be Old Car all over again, with the added twist of “BUT I’M STILL TRYING TO PAY THIS CAR OFF HOW CAN… Continue reading Cars