Selkie Boy

See, without his seal skin on, Selkie Boy doesn’t seem like a Silver.  He looks more like something else.  Roan…? You know what, I’m gonna stick with that.  His name’s Roan now.  Silver’s just Clark’s nickname for him. Also I want to stop drawing rocks instead of backgrounds for the Mermay drawings, but that would… Continue reading Selkie Boy

Breathe Easy

What a wonderful feeling.

Saturday. I was at work, doing what I needed to do, collecting books to be placed on hold, trying not to think about anything super hard.  I’m just about done when I hear this noise.  No idea where it came from, almost sounded like some kid that was either really upset or super excited (hard… Continue reading Breathe Easy

Intro: Lars

First up in character introductions: the walrus in I Draw Walruses, Lars! He really did come about during an art class project.  We had to make papier-mache masks of any character we wanted.  I decided to take inspiration from Shel Silverstein and create a walrus with braces.  From here, Lars was born. I would often… Continue reading Intro: Lars

Walrus Studies: Graduates

Actually had to double check I hadn't done this one.

It’s been a while since we’ve a walrus study. But hey!  Looks like our walrus friend and his red panda sidekick have graduated!  From now on, they are proud alumni of Miss Petra’s School for Tea Parties and Fun. It’s a very exclusive school – only the best get in. It’s been a bit rough,… Continue reading Walrus Studies: Graduates

Walrus Mermaid

I've named him Clark. He just seems like a Clark.

LOL JK one more mermaid drawing. Someone pointed out that it was surprising that I hadn’t drawn anything walrus related for Mermay. So I decided to fix that. I’ve named him Clark.  Because he seems like a Clark.  Also, I think he might be my new favorite.  He’s too cute.

Walrus Studies: A New Hobby

All tied up in knots.

Looks like our walrus friend has taken this opportunity to pick up a new skill: knitting!  And from the looks of things, he’s, um, making progress.  Kind of.  Maybe. …it’ll just take a little bit of practice.  Or a lot.  Just hang in there, man.