Surgery After Care

Quincy takes caring VERY seriously.

First of all – I’m fine. It was just minor surgery to correct an issue that I’ve been dealing with since last year.  And I’m feeling much better.  Or at least I’m getting there. It was a series of firsts for me, though.  First time having to put on a hospital gown.  First time getting… Continue reading Surgery After Care


You're very welcome, Bones.

The perils of being a night sweater in the warmer months.  Everything begins to…smell. …might be a bit TMI, but whatever.  Write what you know, right? Also, holy crap, I posted.  It’s been a hot minute and then some.  I blame global warming.

Springtime Colds

Pinacles of health, right here.

Yep.  This has pretty much been our house for the past few weeks.  Sore throats, non-stop coughing fits, restless nights – and yes, even pink eye decided to show its crusty face for a moment there.  It’s pretty much been Germ City around here. Thankfully, we’re all mostly on the upswing.  Been able to sleep… Continue reading Springtime Colds


Most walrus recipes contain pureed fish guts in some shape or form.

I’ll just stick with Allegra/not really taking any allergy medication because I’m hoping that I can just ride it out and besides most allergy medication doesn’t really work on me anyway.

Sweat It Out

My body is not a wonderland. More like a house of horrors.

Sweat is gross. And lucky for me, whenever I start sweating, I can’t stop.  It’s not like a little trickle – it is a full fledged tsunami of perspiration.  The volume of sweat I can put out is truly astounding and utterly terrifying.  And sometimes, it’ll happen for no reason at all.  Like last Friday,… Continue reading Sweat It Out