Doctor Dot: Vaccinations

You heard the lady. Do it for the sticker.

I am actually not sure if they hand out stickers when you get your second shot, but if they do, then hey – free sticker.

Got my first shot this past Friday.  Have to wait until the end of the month to get my second dose.  But it feels good to at least be on the way to be fully vaccinated and have one less thing to worry (less) about.

Does this mean I’m whipping off the mask and licking doorknobs?  No.  But contributing to herd immunity takes the edge off a bit.

Surgery After Care

Quincy takes caring VERY seriously.

First of all – I’m fine.

It was just minor surgery to correct an issue that I’ve been dealing with since last year.  And I’m feeling much better.  Or at least I’m getting there.

It was a series of firsts for me, though.  First time having to put on a hospital gown.  First time getting an IV.  First time getting wheeled away on a gurney.  First time getting one of those canulas shoved up my nose.  All stuff I’d seen before but I’ve never experienced myself.

And I was extremely nervous about all of it.

Especially the anaesthesia.

My anxiety-riddled brain decided to focus primarily on that.  Every worst what-if reared their ugly little heads.  What if I had a bad reaction?  What if it sent me into a coma?  What if it just didn’t work at all?  Fun stuff like that.

It was probably a control thing – being sent to sleep by something else that wasn’t me.  Or a deep fear of death.  Possibly both.

I just kept seeing this surgery as some weird endpoint.  Like, everything was going to end on Monday and I couldn’t see anything else beyond that.  I wasn’t going to finish my list of books or play Pokemon or draw or eat or anything.  It would all just end.

Clearly, though, it didn’t.  I’m still here.

The anaesthesia as a whole was an interesting experience that could be basically summed up like this:

Anaesthesiologist: Okay, I’m giving you the anaesthesia now.

Me: Huh.  I really hope this works.

H   E   A   D   R   U   S   H

Me: Woo heady I guess it’s working –

Cue me coming to in the recovery room feeling extremely loopy.

After finally being able to get up without feeling dizzy and getting dressed, I was able to go home.  Which is where I’ve been for the past few days recovering.

I am doing much better than I was for the first couple of days – I was mostly tired and sore and not wanting to do much.  Just been taking it easy.  I actually get to go back to work tomorrow, where I will not be pushing myself.  I will just be going slow to make sure I don’t end up hurting myself.

In the meantime, I’m going to be spending my last day at home relaxing and continuing to heal.

Because even though it was technically minor surgery, it was still, indeed, surgery.

Springtime Colds

Beacons of health, right here.

Yep.  This has pretty much been our house for the past few weeks.  Sore throats, non-stop coughing fits, restless nights – and yes, even pink eye decided to show its crusty face for a moment there.  It’s pretty much been Germ City around here.

Thankfully, we’re all mostly on the upswing.  Been able to sleep through the night for the most part, and my throat doesn’t feel like I’ve been gargling glass or swallowing razor blades.  The coughing’s still lingering, though, which I’m sure everyone could do without.  Seriously, my windpipe feels bruised at this point.

We manage to get through winter illness-free, then spring hits and we’re all out of commission.  As if allergies weren’t enough to deal with.

Also, I’m back!  Sorry for the unexpected break for the month of May, but it was much needed.  Trust me.

Sweat It Out

My body is not a wonderland. More like a house of horrors.

Sweat is gross.

And lucky for me, whenever I start sweating, I can’t stop.  It’s not like a little trickle – it is a full fledged tsunami of perspiration.  The volume of sweat I can put out is truly astounding and utterly terrifying.  And sometimes, it’ll happen for no reason at all.  Like last Friday, when I was at the mall and suddenly sweat is just pouring down my face.  Or a couple nights ago, when I woke up literally soaked and had to change my clothes.

Or I’ll be exerting just the teeniest bit of physical effort and boom!  Instant sweat storm.  Makes working at the library even more enjoyable, having to dart into the back to mop myself off.  Throw in some anxiety – which I’ve talked about before eons ago as something that’ll get the sweat glands going – and I’m just a sopping mess.

Thanks a heap, body!