A Heaping Helping of Not Helping

This does happen, from time to time. My brain decides to tell me, “Why do you keep on drawing?  You’re not even that good.  No one actually sees it.  You’re buried by the algorithm.  You’re not even making money off of it.  Why even try?” But then comes the question – what should I be… Continue reading A Heaping Helping of Not Helping

Funguary – Wrinkled Peach Mushroom

Okay, so technically Funguary ended Monday, and I would have loved to have posted this final picture then – if I Draw Walruses hadn’t experienced an extreme oopsy. Turns out, my website got infected with some kind of malware, and everytime you clicked on something, it led you to, uhh, a particular website that caters… Continue reading Funguary – Wrinkled Peach Mushroom