Doodcember, Days 29, 30, and 31 – Magic, Train, and Classic

Happy New Year!

Here we are, folks.

At the end of another year.

Soon, 2021 will be in the rearview mirror – or in some places around the world, it’s already gone.

I have no idea where this year went.  Time did that fun thing where it would speed up, slow down, warp around itself until you forgot what day of the week it was and wondered where the hell June vanished to.  I completely forgot that I had surgery back in March until this morning.  Just feels a bit bizarre.

I know that it’s been a hard year for a good many people.  So, here’s to hoping that 2022 is just, better for everyone.  And maybe we can start the Roaring 20’s Redux that we were promised?  Hence the outfits here?

Fingers crossed as we surge towards midnight and into a new year.

It’s a Flashback!

It’s an appropriate description…

A baby Quincy has been spotted alongside baby sister Agatha!

Just some quick Quincy Appleby lore – he has no idea who his parents are.  In fact, he doesn’t even really know where he came from or what he is.  He sort of just appeared one day in a park with Agatha when they were about 6 and 3 (this flashback takes place about a year after that, so they’d be 7 and 4 here).  All they had were a couple of beat up suitcases and their names.

They did bounce around the foster care system for a good while – people tend to get a little freaked out with a couple of masked kids with claws.  They were eventually taken in by their adoptive parents, the Applebys, who I picture as kind of an Addams Family couple, cheery and grim at the same time.  But for a long while, it was just Quincy and Agatha.

And now I’ve made myself sad.

It’s a Trip!

Puffkyth sees all.

I know what you’re thinking.

And I agree!  “Jamboree” and “haberdashery” are two wonderfully underutilized words.

I know you’re also probably thinking things like, “Drew, what the hell is this?” and “What ARE those things coming off of Bopfenmuth’s body?” and “Is Puffkyth okay?”  Really don’t have clear answers for the first two, but I can honestly say that yes, Puffkyth is doing just fine.

Or maybe he isn’t.  It’s hard to tell his “I’m doing just fine” face from his “gazing into the abyss and being overwhelmed by the world’s sorrows into a state of catatonia” face.