Intrusive Thoughts

For the record, I didn’t. But the fact that the thought even popped into my head was really bizarre. And it still sometimes pops up when I look at the figurine…

A Heaping Helping of Not Helping

This does happen, from time to time. My brain decides to tell me, “Why do you keep on drawing?  You’re not even that good.  No one actually sees it.  You’re buried by the algorithm.  You’re not even making money off of it.  Why even try?” But then comes the question – what should I be… Continue reading A Heaping Helping of Not Helping

Music on My Mind

*Continues to play all 3 songs on repeat for days on end*

Well hey! Haven’t drawn the Mind Drews for a while. And by a while, I mean since 2016. So their return is a bit overdue.