Land of the Lost Technology

I have accepted that I am one of the last people to still use an iPod. I’m fairly certain it’s cursed, because it keeps turning on by itself, and charging it is a bear, but it’s mine.  I just like having something that does one thing and one thing only, and that’s playing music.  My… Continue reading Land of the Lost Technology

A Biting Mood

For the record, I did not actually bite anybody. It just – it had been a long week.  I was so tired, and so crabby, and was trying really hard to provide good customer service without ripping someone’s head off.  But I had run straight into a mental wall and was trying to scrape myself… Continue reading A Biting Mood

Reading is Fun

Working with the public is very rewarding.

We’ve been closed for over a month now.  The e-mail letting our patrons know the library system was closing to the public was sent out in January.  There are signs all over the door and parking lot telling people what to do to get their books. And yet, this. At this point, I don’t know… Continue reading Reading is Fun