Reading is Fun

Working with the public is very rewarding.

We’ve been closed for over a month now.  The e-mail letting our patrons know the library system was closing to the public was sent out in January.  There are signs all over the door and parking lot telling people what to do to get their books. And yet, this. At this point, I don’t know… Continue reading Reading is Fun

After Work

Reflex. Sorry.

…maybe “rough” was the wrong word here.  “Weird,” definitely. Our entire system was taken down at work for a few days in preparation for a new one to take its place.  This meant, however, that we couldn’t do anything.  At all.  Just check out books offline and tell people over and over again that no,… Continue reading After Work

End of the Day

She's going to need that helmet.

Thankfully, as of last week, Summer vacation is now over.  The kids are back at school, and with Labor day behind us, our busy season is finally at an end.  So hopefully, we can all relax just a little teeny bit.  At least until Columbus Day Weekend. Special guest appearance by my mom!