Snow Daze

Charlotte’s not buying it.

I think these extra snow days threw everyone off, to be honest.

Like, we were trapped in this weird transition state between the holidays and “normal life” that wasn’t fully complete due to being stuck at home.  Everything suddenly seemed much longer.

Now things are finally starting to creak back to life.  Of course, with COVID still bouncing around, who knows how long that’s going to last, but whatever.  Enjoy it while we got it.

Doodcember, Days 29, 30, and 31 – Magic, Train, and Classic

Happy New Year!

Here we are, folks.

At the end of another year.

Soon, 2021 will be in the rearview mirror – or in some places around the world, it’s already gone.

I have no idea where this year went.  Time did that fun thing where it would speed up, slow down, warp around itself until you forgot what day of the week it was and wondered where the hell June vanished to.  I completely forgot that I had surgery back in March until this morning.  Just feels a bit bizarre.

I know that it’s been a hard year for a good many people.  So, here’s to hoping that 2022 is just, better for everyone.  And maybe we can start the Roaring 20’s Redux that we were promised?  Hence the outfits here?

Fingers crossed as we surge towards midnight and into a new year.