Yeah, this is what you get when I haven’t drawn in a bit. Something to shake off the cobwebs a bit. And Lana Del Rey lyrics. …this is probably the only time you’ll see Lana Del Rey lyrics, just as a head’s up.

Conversations with Younger Selves – Lars

I’ve had this idea for a series for a while. What would certain characters from IDW say to their younger selves?  Would they offer advice?  Marvel at how weird they were as children/teenagers?  Or just listen to themselves vent? For Lars, I think he would want to show what he’s done and where he has… Continue reading Conversations with Younger Selves – Lars

Christmas Nonsense

Yeah, I don’t know.  Just an idea that popped in my head while watching, well, The Muppets’ Christmas Carol. …it is still one of the superior versions, let’s face it. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve!  Here’s to a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!