Loretober – Gargoyle

Well – since I’ve completed a third of the prompts with this drawing, I will count this year’s October Drawing Challenge as a success! I mean, I’m not done yet – I’ve at least 3 more I want to do. Can I pull it off?  We’ll see!

Loretober – Jiangshi

I don’t know why I made him friendly. I just wanted to. So have a friendly little Jiangshi (hopping Chinese vampire/zombie). The bandages basically help hold him together.

Loretober – Lady Midday

There’s something extra terrifying about this one. I think it’s the daytime horror element. Her whole schtick is appearing in the middle of the day (hence the name) and inflicting people with heat stroke. Or just straight up killing them.

Loretober – La Cegua

Me: He he, managed to get out of drawing a horse for the Dullahan. Next prompt: La Cegua, a Latin American spirit who gets her jollies attacking men on lonely roads, with her most well-known feature being…a horse skull. Me: Dang it.