Another DTIYS


Two posts in one day.

What even is this.

But yeah, just another Draw This in Your Style for Instagram, this time for the artist disrupted_sky.  I love their artwork (one of those really good at anatomy type people), and really wanted to take part in it.

So here are their original characters, Malcolm and Damian.  Will be posting to Instagram shortly.


The things I’ve seen.

I’m just gonna put it thusly.

There are a lot of very talented people on Instagram who I firmly believe deserve to be seen and not throttled by some algorithm or hidden behind some kind of hidden censor.

And a lot of these people are very good at, um, let’s just say “anatomy.”

I mean, they are good at anatomy for sure.  Like, they can draw actual hands.  And muscle definition.  And everything is more or less proportional.

But, well, ya know.  Wink wink, nudge nudge, all that good stuff.

Good Omens Fan Club


It’s what we all want, really.

They’re all a bunch of nerds.

A bunch of nerds who enjoy shipping but are going to have to wait patiently to see what the mighty Neil Gaiman has in store for the next season.

Also, I have decided to make Cordelia into cosplaying, because look how adorable she is in that little Aziraphale outfit.  Does she not pull it off?

Crap – now I need to draw her in more outfits.




Been keeping this drawing under wraps. (I’m sorry) (No I’m not)

Had a dream a few nights ago about a mummy guy.  So I decided to draw a mummy guy.  And here he is.

In the dream, though, he had a “curse gun” – a gun which literally fired curses at people, like a swarm of bugs or sandstorms.  Which I promptly avoided drawing because that would involve having to draw a gun, which, like cars, I find kinda hard.

May give a go someday, though.

DTYS: Arcane Doodles

What a charming group.

These are not new characters – they belong to a different artist, the same one whose Christmas challenge I participated in this past December, IG Doods.  I’m participating in a Draw This in Your Style challenge on Instagram, so these are his characters in my style.

Felt like I had to, ’cause witches, so here they are.

Also, holy crap, I actually posted three times in a week.  What is this nonsense.

Meet the Cthulhus

Unsurprisingly, bringing the snowman to life was indeed Mary’s idea.

Been drawing these guys a lot lately, and thought they needed a formal introduction!

Kind of funny how they started off as a Inktober drawing and somehow morphed into this – like Arugthor, who I haven’t drawn in ages.  They are fun to draw – even if I keep needing to remind myself which kid has which markings.

Also was trying to come up with a job that would allow Pip to work from home so he could keep track of the kids, because single dad.  For some reason, children’s book illustrator was literally the first thing that came to mind.  So I just rolled with it.

Celestial Characters

Oooooo, COLOR…

What do we have here?

Drew, actually on track to posting 3 times in a week?

Attempting something with colored pencils?

The answers to these questions are: an entry for a contest on Instagram, hopefully, and yes.  It’s kind of a mess, but yes.

So, an artist I follow on Instagram, Crimson Chains, is hosting an art competition.  The challenge: creating an original character based on the theme Celestial Court.  The winner gets to have their original characters drawn in Crimson Chains’ style.

Do I think I’ll win?  I dunno – probably not.  But do I think this is a good exercise in trying something else?  Yes.

So, here are my characters – the Stardusters.

Soleil Saff is a Starduster – basically, she collects star dust and creates artwork.  Objects made from star dust have extremely high value, along with other mystical properties.  People would pay out the nose in order to get their hands on a star dust object.  However, it is a very rare skill, so Stardusters are far and few between.  So Soleil is in high demand.

She can often be seen darting around scribbling down new ideas, or hunting down deposits of star dust around the galaxy.  She’s a bit messy, a bit scattered, but very good at what she does.

Acting as her assistant/bodyguard is Capricorn Cole.  His main job is to make sure Soleil doesn’t end up in any dangerous situations – which, given her single-minded goal of finding stardust, can happen frequently.  He’s very strong, despite his size, and is definitely the more grounded of the two.  Both are known for leaving trails of star dust, again not being the most polished members of the Celestial Court.

I’ll be posting this on Instagram shortly – so let’s see what happens.

Doodcember Day 1 – Winter

The first few flakes of the season.

Oh GOD, Drew’s doing another month-long drawing challenge WHAT IS THIS.

But yes.  Another Instagram artist that I follow, ig_doods, has launched a challenge for December, all focused on the holidays/festivities that the month brings.

And I’m going to give it a go.  I definitely will need some help getting into the holiday spirit this year, so here goes.

Starting off with our friend Winter here, who’s taken a nice little break from 2020 but is now ready to get back into the game.  Maybe.

Honestly she’s not exactly sure, having seen what the other seasons have had to go through this year.  But, well, she doesn’t have much of a choice.

Gloomtober, Days 29+30 – Cauldron/Moon

The perfect time for some magic.

Well hey – here they are!  Miranda and Stella, witching it up in time for Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody!  Hope it’s as sweet or as spooky as you like.  And hope it’s a safe one, as well – I for one plan on spending mine watching horror movies and stealing leftover Halloween candy.