Yeah, this is what you get when I haven’t drawn in a bit. Something to shake off the cobwebs a bit. And Lana Del Rey lyrics. …this is probably the only time you’ll see Lana Del Rey lyrics, just as a head’s up.

Naming a Character

Maybe it’s just me, but trying to change a character’s name is almost impossible. Sometimes I’m able to break through it and change it to something else.  But it’s rare. Most of the time, once they’re named, they’re named.  Like my poison ivy boy Ives here.  I tried.  He’s Ives.  Plain and simple.

Eat Your Artwork

I keep seeing this comment on Instagram, and it just spoke to me, “Make a comic.” Fun fact: this was my second time drawing the entire thing, because the first time, I screwed up on the inking.  That was fun.

Getting Something Out There

Sometimes, to get your brain in gear and shake off the cobwebs, you just need to throw something out there and see what happens. That “something” could be a reference to the video game that’s been rotting your brain for like a year now, but whatever. Made me laugh, at least.

Funguary 2023 – Macrocybe Titan

Going into this Funguary, I had a short list of prompts that, if nothing else, I wanted to get done. Bleeding Fairy Helmet was one.  Fairy Ring Mushroom was another.  And now, Macrocybe Titan.  The big boy of all mushrooms (apparently one of the largest mushrooms in the Western Hemisphere, according to the almighty Google).