Conversations with Younger Selves – Oona

Context: Oona is completely blind in her left eye, leaving it looking completely clouded.  Used to wear an eyepatch when she was younger out of self-consciousness, but as you can see, she ditched it later. Also, unless you are a mushroom, Oona ain’t interested.  At all. I have such a soft spot for Oona.  I… Continue reading Conversations with Younger Selves – Oona

Conversations with Younger Selves – Lars

I’ve had this idea for a series for a while. What would certain characters from IDW say to their younger selves?  Would they offer advice?  Marvel at how weird they were as children/teenagers?  Or just listen to themselves vent? For Lars, I think he would want to show what he’s done and where he has… Continue reading Conversations with Younger Selves – Lars

A Biting Mood

For the record, I did not actually bite anybody. It just – it had been a long week.  I was so tired, and so crabby, and was trying really hard to provide good customer service without ripping someone’s head off.  But I had run straight into a mental wall and was trying to scrape myself… Continue reading A Biting Mood

The News

Another ultra-relevant/unfortunately relatable song from Paramore, folks. All the news seems to do for me is cause my anxiety to skyrocket and, on worse days, send me spiraling. I keep telling myself that I can handle it, when the reality is it just makes things WORSE.  And I’m not actually taking anything in except sheer… Continue reading The News