Yep. It’s finally here. I have officially made it 30 times around the sun. And I’m not sure quite I’m feeling right now. I mean, it’s my birthday, so I’m happy and enjoying myself right now, but like, still trying to sort 30 out. On the one hand, nothing’s changed.  I’m still me.  It’s just… Continue reading Thirty

Around the Corner

I see you, Thirty. Trying to sneak up on me like that. Well, it won’t work! Sure, it’s suddenly September and my birthday’s in a week.  But you still don’t surprise me, Thirty! Bring it! I’ll be thirty, flirty, and thriving, you’ll see! (Author’s note: it’s really more like thirty, uhhhh, and managing, but close… Continue reading Around the Corner

Nothing New

Lars' reaction is truly my reaction after drawing this.

…trying to figure out how to word this.  It’s not so much that the novelty of having a new car has worn off by now, because it hasn’t.  I mean, I have a car that runs, which is amazing.  It’s more like I forget how big buying a car is. It sounds weird, but it’s… Continue reading Nothing New

Daylight Savings’ End


Hopefully I’ll get used to this time change soon, because right now, I’m dying.  It’s just thrown me off so badly this year, and I don’t know why.  So tired.  Just so, so tired. Is this part of getting older?  Because if it is, I don’t want it.