Naming a Character

Maybe it’s just me, but trying to change a character’s name is almost impossible. Sometimes I’m able to break through it and change it to something else.  But it’s rare. Most of the time, once they’re named, they’re named.  Like my poison ivy boy Ives here.  I tried.  He’s Ives.  Plain and simple.

Crystal Ball

Maybe it's better to not know.

Considering the spirit board spelled out “H-O-L-Y-C-R-A-P-Y-O-U-R-E-A-L-L-S-C-R-E-W-E-D,” the tea leaves kept coming out as skulls, and the runes burst into flames, maybe it’s best to not know. And don’t get me started on what the tarot cards said…


Well, that can't be good.

Kids love anything with live animals, puppets, and singing.  Throw all three of those things together and you’ve got a party.  Or at least a well attended children’s program at a library.


Oh, Summer.

As of this posting, school has officially begun.  So techinically speaking, Summer in the holiday sense of the word has ended.  So if he could kindly just leave, and take this bout of late seasonal allergies with him, that’d be great…

Let’s Talk Tattoos

"...this isn't permanent ink, though, right Lars?"

Yes.  It’s true. I’m considering getting a tattoo. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and have come to the conclusion that, why not?  Why not have a bit of ink to call my own? Now, about a year ago, I told myself that I would get a tattoo when I reached a certain weight… Continue reading Let’s Talk Tattoos


Sorry about lack of comic today!  Work has been crazy this week, and I just…ran out of time, to be completely honest. Excuses, excuses, I know.  But I’m super sorry. New comic Friday, though, so much excitement!

Excuses, Excuses

Soooooooo. Yeah. No comic today. Had one all ready to go, all penciled in and everything. And then yesterday happened. It was just one of those frustrating days where a bunch of little things decided to pile up throughout the day, one of which included screwing up the comic that was supposed to go up… Continue reading Excuses, Excuses


Gimme gimme gimme that CAKE.

I can’t be alone in this, right?  You’re out at a restaurant, you’re feelin’ full – then you catch a glimpse of the dessert menu.  And suddenly you’re thinking, “I could use some carrot cake.” There is also the appetizer vs. dessert dilemma that can arise in these situations.  You’re looking at the menu, and… Continue reading Desserts