Like someone shook up a snow globe.

Well, got my wish: snow.  And a nice, decent amount of it without it being too overwhelming (at least, in my neck of the woods).  So it only felt right that I draw Winter herself, enjoying her time of year with a couple of animal friends.

Fun fact: with this one snowfall, we’ve already gotten more snow than we did all of last winter.  Which makes me realize just how sad last winter truly was, considering the only real snow was right at the very end of the season in March.  Dang.

Falling Leaves

I’ve really been enjoying this Autumnal season as of late, so I decided, why not do a quick drawing of Autumn?  Haven’t drawn him all season.

For a while there, it felt like Autumn was never going to arrive.  The first couple of weeks in October were, to be perfectly honest, disgusting.  Way too warm and unseasonably muggy.  The trees weren’t even close to changing, thanks to it being a very wet year in general (it’s raining right now).

Then in the past couple of weeks, everything was like, “What?  Oh, right.  It’s Fall now.”  And boom!  It’s been cool weather ever since, and the trees have finally decided to display their fall foliage.  Seen some beautiful colors in my area – lots of bright yellows and vermilions, a few deep purples here and there.  Also a lot of rust, though, which is what unfortunately happens when the leaves change so late.  But still, lots of color, regardless.

Will be getting back to the Halloween storyline – eventually.  There’s just been a few other things that I’ve wanted to draw about.  But it will be back soon, I promise.  I won’t just leave it hanging.

Summer Rains

That humidity can’t be good for his hair.

The difference between Spring and Summer: Spring isn’t sure what do with the rain.  Summer’s just outright defiant.

It has been somewhat soggy as of late.  Thankfully, we’ve had a bit of sun to dry things off a bit.  Thought we’d get some rain today, but nope.  Not complaining here, mind you.  I’m a bit rained out.  And we’re supposed to get some tomorrow.  Yay.

Now, if we could send some of this rain out to the West Coast…



I swear, poor Spring is going to have a nervous breakdown by the time this season’s over.

So, judging from the comic, you can probably guess what we spent our Sunday evening doing after the discovery of our basement flooding yet again.

Because nothing says fun quite like:

  1. Trying to figure out where the hell the water came from – we’re still not entirely sure; our best guess is the sealant beneath the door leading to the outside got loosened, the drain got clogged, and with the non-stop rain we’ve been having…
  2. Trying to desperately save multiple boxes of stuff/books from being damaged.
  3. Attempting to at least mop up a little of the quarter inch of water that ended up soaking two-thirds of our basement.


Thankfully, it’s all mostly dry down there now – smells a little musty, but whatever.  And the weather has decided to cooperate and has been super nice as of late, helping us to dry out a few things.

Hopefully, it’ll decide to stick around at least a little bit longer.  Of course, I said that last time and, well, look what happened.  Mrph.

May Showers

Time to cut to commercial.

Spring can never catch a break.

For the past week or so – it feels like much longer – it’s been gray, gloomy, and all out stormy.  There’s been thunder, hail, tornado watches – it’s been a week, meteorologically speaking.

Only in the past couple of days has the Sun decided to pop back out.  Now, I don’t mind rainy days – I actually quite enjoy them.  But when it lasts for a week, even I’m staring at the clouds, willing the sun to come back out even for just a little bit.  Especially when that rain decides to bring with some friends along for the ride, those friends being hail and thunder/lightning.  Never liked thunderstorms – don’t really understand people who do.

But for now, I’ll just be enjoying this nice, sunny weather.  That is, until the next bout of stormy weather.  Which, according to the weather forecast, looks to be next week.


Spring in the Spotlight

Spring’s just a little territorial.

So I realized after drawing this that I did a post with a very similar theme last year.  But dang it, it’s hot, I’m uncomfortable, so it’s happening again.

And just like last year, it’s supposed to cool off fairly soon, so thank goodness for that.  But, come on, can’t the temperature just stay at least somewhat regular with jumping all over the place?  Gracious.

An Unwelcome Guest