“Spring” Weather

This one goes out to all those people who suddenly got a blast of Winter in the middle of April. Been a while since I drew Spring or any of the seasons.  And of course, I can’t give Spring a break.  Heh.

It Wimdy

Off panel, Abel's yelling at Rupert to put on a jacket.

This is what happens when I have an idea in my head that absolutely must be drawn immediately. You get this. Also, it has indeed been windy here lately.  Actually feeling like Winter for a change.  It’s quite nice.


Well, got my wish: snow.  And a nice, decent amount of it without it being too overwhelming (at least, in my neck of the woods).  So it only felt right that I draw Winter herself, enjoying her time of year with a couple of animal friends. Fun fact: with this one snowfall, we’ve already gotten… Continue reading Winter

Falling Leaves

I’ve really been enjoying this Autumnal season as of late, so I decided, why not do a quick drawing of Autumn?  Haven’t drawn him all season. For a while there, it felt like Autumn was never going to arrive.  The first couple of weeks in October were, to be perfectly honest, disgusting.  Way too warm… Continue reading Falling Leaves

Summer Rains

He is going to enjoy himself even if it kills him. Or gets him soaked.

The difference between Spring and Summer: Spring isn’t sure what do with the rain.  Summer’s just outright defiant. It has been somewhat soggy as of late.  Thankfully, we’ve had a bit of sun to dry things off a bit.  Thought we’d get some rain today, but nope.  Not complaining here, mind you.  I’m a bit… Continue reading Summer Rains

Spring’s End

And that was all in the span of a week.

Spring could use a very well deserved nap at this point. Happy Summer, everybody.  It’s dark and grey out here.  Just so gosh darn summery I can barely handle it.



I swear, poor Spring is going to have a nervous breakdown by the time this season’s over. So, judging from the comic, you can probably guess what we spent our Sunday evening doing after the discovery of our basement flooding yet again. Because nothing says fun quite like: Trying to figure out where the hell… Continue reading More Rain YAAAAAAAAY