Naming a Character

Maybe it’s just me, but trying to change a character’s name is almost impossible. Sometimes I’m able to break through it and change it to something else.  But it’s rare. Most of the time, once they’re named, they’re named.  Like my poison ivy boy Ives here.  I tried.  He’s Ives.  Plain and simple.

Where I’ve Been

Yeah. It’s been a rough week. Feels like my anxiety has kicked into overdrive for a whole number of reasons.  All which can be wrapped up in some sort of fear for the future and things that I have absolutely no control over.  My brain’s a mess and my stomach feels like it’s been constantly… Continue reading Where I’ve Been

Mermay Heartbreak

So, one of the prompts from Mermay this year was Heartbreak.  And for some reason, I latched onto it.  And here we are. Also, I’d imagine that there is a very, very, very short list of people who Poe would openly cry in front of.  It’s like, Octavian and Clark,  seen here crying along because he’s… Continue reading Mermay Heartbreak

Eat Your Artwork

I keep seeing this comment on Instagram, and it just spoke to me, “Make a comic.” Fun fact: this was my second time drawing the entire thing, because the first time, I screwed up on the inking.  That was fun.

Meming Along

Am I late to the meme?  Yes, absolutely.  But the idea popped in my head and it needed to be done. And for those of you who don’t get it – just look up “borzoi meme” or “let me do it for you.”  It’ll all make sense.  Hopefully.