Estivation Sensation

Estivation, noun – basically the opposite of hibernation, in which an animal will go into dormancy when it’s hot and dry, like Summer.  Animals that do this include earthworms, frogs, certain types of reptiles, and the four-toed hedgehog. In other words, I am a hedgehog.


There’s also the fun secondary thought of, “I want to go back to this place for lunch, but I was just there two days ago!  What WILL they think of me?” I don’t know who this “they” is, by the way.  The workers (no)?  The anxious voices in my head (probably)?


Me, before learning what this manga/novel is about: Huh, that’s a funny title!  Wonder what it’s about? Me, after: And now I’m sad.


This might be one of the stupidest things that I’ve drawn. Also, I would like to point out that I do really like the song.  It’s just such a strange line, and then this image popped into my head, so…

Open World

I like to call this, Drew Plays an Open World Game for the First Time. It has mostly been me wandering around, wondering where the hell am I and getting subsequently overwhelmed by everything.

Angry Little Izuku

An addition to my Angry Protagonist Fanfiction collection. I’m fairly certain that each of the fandoms that I’ve delved into fanfiction-wise have crossed over at some point.  I know I’ve a Danganronpa/My Hero Academia crossover, and an Encanto/Harry Potter crossover.


This one goes out to all of those people who decided to wait until the very last minute to call/wander into my place of work, looking for eclipse glasses. Some while the eclipse was actually happening. It was like people going Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. Also, I’ve been wanting to make the yeti a… Continue reading Eclipsed