And the Rest is Still Unwritten

Say it with me now: This is free content.  No one owes you anything.  They are their own people with their own lives and things can happen that they need to take care of first.  Or they’re just not interested anymore. …that being said, it’s still a giant disappointment to pull something up, blast right… Continue reading And the Rest is Still Unwritten

Favorite Fanfiction

Because sometimes it’s nice to see Harry take control of the narrative instead of being dragged along like some pawn. Or Mirabel indulging in some petty revenge on most of her family members (except for Antonio and Bruno – they’re off limits). Or Mondo and Kiyotaka just being happy as a couple and not dying… Continue reading Favorite Fanfiction

Funguary 2024 – Inky Cap

So, the prompt for this Funguary week was “edible.” Which, you wouldn’t think a mushroom that looks like the inky cap would be edible.  But I guess anything is edible at least once. Also a stark difference from the last time I drew Inky Cap Girl…


Well. Time to get started. I’ll be trawling through the depths of the Wayback Machine and seeing what I can find/save. Just from a cursory run-through, it seems incredibly promising.  Especially with the stuff from 2015/2016. The goal is to save as much writing as I can.  It’s going to be saved in multiple places,… Continue reading Archiving


THERE’S A LIGHT A SPARKLING SHIMMERING LIGHT AND IT’S CALLED THE WAYBACK MACHINE I might be able to pull some of my old stuff back!!! I can’t believe it! It’s amazing! It’s stunning! It’s stupendous! It’s gonna take a lot of work to pull stuff together and maybe re-post them if no one minds BUT… Continue reading WE AIN’T DONE WE AIN’T DONE YET NO NO

All right. So.

Here we are. Not even sure how to entirely get into this, but here goes. Last Tuesday, I got alerted to the fact that this very website was down.  Apparently there was an error in communicating with the database or whatever. Okay.  Not time to panic.  Just time to, uh, figure out what’s going on.… Continue reading All right. So.