“Spring” Weather

This one goes out to all those people who suddenly got a blast of Winter in the middle of April. Been a while since I drew Spring or any of the seasons.  And of course, I can’t give Spring a break.  Heh.

Angels and Pirates

So I’ve never actually seen the show Our Flag Means Death.  Don’t even know that much about it. What I do know is that almost every Good Omens fan art account I follow on Instagram has drawn something related to it. So clearly, there is some overlap. Or just an amorphous blob of fandom.

Dream of Whipped Cream

…I just like whipped cream, man. And we are entering the perfect season for it. I’m talkin’ hot chocolate.  Pie.  Egg nog.  The seasonal frappucinos they have at Starbucks. A glorious time for whipped cream, indeed.

Witchtober, Day 1 – Candle

Yes folks, it is that time of year again. Inktober is upon us, and with that the hope that I will be drawing (almost) every day for the entire month. Like last year, I have eschewed the “Official” Inktober list and will be following someone else’s.  This year, it’ll be Aria Illustration’s Witchtober, an entire… Continue reading Witchtober, Day 1 – Candle

Get Gone Summer

This feels like it should be the rule, right? The moment September hits, we get to say, “Sorry, Summer.  But it’s time to go.” ‘Cause I’m ready for Autumn. The cold.  The colors.  The holidays.  Sweater season. The thing is, in my part of the country, Autumn doesn’t actually settle in until mid-October.  So we’ll… Continue reading Get Gone Summer


Abel has his blonde moments.  And he doesn’t even really have any hair. I just realized I need to an intro comic with these two.  And the other little monsters that make up Dot’s crew.  They’re probably some of my favorite characters to draw.  Them and the Cthulhu family.