Land of the Lost Technology

I have accepted that I am one of the last people to still use an iPod. I’m fairly certain it’s cursed, because it keeps turning on by itself, and charging it is a bear, but it’s mine.  I just like having something that does one thing and one thing only, and that’s playing music.  My… Continue reading Land of the Lost Technology

Fanfiction Down

Archive of Our Own is truly, in my opinion, the best site for fanfiction. Which is why it was so frustrating it got hit by a DDoS attack this past Monday, taking it down for a good day or two. Probably could’ve been doing something else with my time.  But I wanted fanfiction, dammit.  And… Continue reading Fanfiction Down

Meming Along

Am I late to the meme?  Yes, absolutely.  But the idea popped in my head and it needed to be done. And for those of you who don’t get it – just look up “borzoi meme” or “let me do it for you.”  It’ll all make sense.  Hopefully.

Getting Something Out There

Sometimes, to get your brain in gear and shake off the cobwebs, you just need to throw something out there and see what happens. That “something” could be a reference to the video game that’s been rotting your brain for like a year now, but whatever. Made me laugh, at least.