Loretober – Rokurokubi

The trickiest thing about this monster is trying to remember how to spell it, honestly. Apparently, a number of Asian cultures have something similar to the Rokurokubi – a genre of monsters that can only be described as “head stretches/separates from body.”  Except some of them have the delightful addition of dragging their entrails behind… Continue reading Loretober – Rokurokubi

Loretober – La Llorona

Stay away from rivers at night, kids. You might run into the Weeping Woman. And she might mistake you for her own. And we all know what happened to them…

Loretober – Baba Yaga

And just like that, it’s October. Leaves are bursting into color. The air is getting cooler. Halloween’s around the corner. And the October drawing prompts have begun. This year, I’ll be participating in Loretober, created by piratesarrrt on Instagram.  Basically, get ready for a series of mythical creatures from around the globe. We’re kicking things… Continue reading Loretober – Baba Yaga

Conversations with Younger Selves – Quincy

This one was the one I’ve been waiting to do. Especially Quincy doesn’t exactly talk. For CONTEXT, I believe I’ve touched on Quincy’s past before.  But just to sum things up, Quincy’s childhood wasn’t easy.  In fact, he really can’t remember anything before the age of 7.  He and his younger sister Agatha were found… Continue reading Conversations with Younger Selves – Quincy

DTIYS: Witchy Friends

Haven’t done one of these in a while. This is a Draw This in Your Style for Witchy Friends, an account I follow on Instagram that just recently hit 30K followers. Just tickled my fancy, and thought I’d give it a go.  Quite like how it turned out!

Conversations with Younger Selves – Willa

CONTEXT: Willa does really care about her family, and I feel like there is some residual guilt from how she treated them as a teenager.  Kind of lashing out at her mother deserting the family and her dad/multitude of siblings (remember, she’s number 3 of 6) were caught in the crossfire, especially her sister, Emily,… Continue reading Conversations with Younger Selves – Willa

Good Mood

It might only be strange because I’ve been in such a weird headspace for the past couple of weeks. Work has been extra stressful, my anxiety’s been zooming all over the place, I haven’t been taking care of myself – so to suddenly be in this relatively good mood is very odd. Or it could… Continue reading Good Mood