Election 2020

It’s gonna be cray.

Please note: I do try to avoid talking politics whenever humanly possible.  So this will hopefully be the one and only comic touching on the presidential election this year.

But really, I can already tell, it’s going to be a weird one.  Which, truth be told, I think we have the last election to thank for that, setting a unfortunate new precedent for whatever shenanigans happen in future elections.


Now back to your scheduled walruses.

To My Car, Part 1

Once again, avoiding drawing an actual car.

Dear 2005 Ford Focus,

It’s been a ride now, hasn’t it (excuse the pun).

I remember driving you off that car lot up in Maryland and being absolutely terrified.  My grandpa and stepgrandmother paid 7000 dollars for you – in cash – and suddenly, you were mine.  I had to drive you all the way back home, and I was so worried that I’d get into some kind of accident or get hideously lost.

But we made it home in one piece, and thus began our 4 year long journey that has now resulted in you absolutely refusing to work at all.

Not that we haven’t had some good times together.  You were there for me when I went job hunting.  You were there for me when I managed to snag an interview and got the library page position, after failing to get it the first time.  You were there when I got the job I have now.

You were there when I managed to make the friends I have now.  You got me to places, helped me meet up with them, and now here I am, with a good solid friend group that is truly some kind of miracle.  And I thank you for that, really.


Now, I can honestly say – I am tired.

Daylight Savings’ End


Hopefully I’ll get used to this time change soon, because right now, I’m dying.  It’s just thrown me off so badly this year, and I don’t know why.  So tired.  Just so, so tired.

Is this part of getting older?  Because if it is, I don’t want it.

Last Week

Sweet mercy, I hope so.


Last week.

Last week was, simply put, a garbage fire of a week.  Like, all the bad karma I accumulated over the year from, I don’t know, not holding the door open for somebody, decided to hit me at once.

I mean, it started off okay, I guess.  We’d gotten a bit of snow, Christmas was coming up, I was still pulling together my shopping list for everybody.  Everything was very normal for this time of year.

Then everything started to go downhill.

It started off on Tuesday with a lovely flareup of my anxiety, coupled with a healthy dose of misanthropy and generally wanting to avoid people.  Because people were being dumb and stupid and I just wanted to hide under my covers and cry.

Wednesday only added to this with a phone call from our bank.  Turns out, some scumbag had gotten a hold of my debit card number and spent $1200 of my money at Bloomingdales.  Frickin’ BLOOMINGDALES, where a sweater can cost the same amount as my biweekly paycheck and they tote out sales where instead of 500 dollars, it’ll only cost you a measly 250.  But that’s a rant for another time.

Thank the sweet gods above for my bank.  They caught it minutes after it happened, managed to shut down another purchase, and let me know.  So, I had to cancel my debit card and pray that that purchase did not go through.  This whole thing set off a bout of depression that basically knocked me off course for the rest of the day.  Didn’t get dressed, slept for most of the morning, and generally hated everything.  And I still hadn’t finished my Christmas shopping.

Thursday, there was the matter of Net Neutrality, which we WON’T get into to, least I get even more mad.  And that evening, my cell phone decided to die.  Just, straight up died.  It froze, went to black, and would not turn on.  Thankfully, my dad took me to the AT&T store, where he decided to get a new phone because his old phone was on its last legs itself, and miraculously, we had insurance for mine.  Meaning that they would upgrade me for free.  However, this would mean that I would be both debit card and phone-less.  Hooray.

And to top it all off, I had a zit.  Which in comparison to everything else may seem small, but this one was huge.  Like, I had a third nostril or some alien embryo growing on my face.  Just the little pus-filled cherry on my garbage sundae life.

Hoooooooooo boy.

This week, however, is definitely a 180 already.  I went to an amazing Christmas concert yesterday that managed to brighten my Holiday spirit.  I got online to see that all of my money has been returned.  And my new phone is already here – huge surprise – and up and working.

So, here’s to hoping that the rest of this week continues this upward trend.  That I’ll be able to get ready for Christmas and keep my head above water.

And for the person who stole my debit card number, I kindly invite you to jump off a cliff.



Friday’s comic was supposed to kick off a new mini storyarc.  However, soon after I posted it, I took another look at it and thought, “This doesn’t seem right.”  It wasn’t the lead-in that I really wanted, plus I’m not sure that I like how it turned out overall.

So, I decided to try again for today.  I had it all pencilled in, then got about halfway through the inking of it, then realized that there was something wrong with this one, too.  No matter which way I tried to look at it, I couldn’t get this particular story off the ground.  So I stepped back a bit, and came to the conclusion that this wasn’t working out at all.

Whatever story I was planning didn’t fit with this overall comic.  It was, to be honest, too weird to work with this universe.  Which, considering that this comic features talking animals and witches, is really saying something.  But it just did not gel.  The characters I was planning on bringing in did not work, and needed to be thought out a little more design-wise.

And really, I didn’t want to do this arc.  I wasn’t as excited as I have been with past storylines.  I think I was when I first conceived this idea, but now, with two false starts and the general surrealness of this “planned” story, it’s kinda like, meh.  Which is frustrating because I thought it was this great idea, but I know that if I continued to draw it, I would a.) not enjoy it, and b.) would have to force myself to finish it.  Which I don’t think works for any kind of artform, if you have to muddle your way through something just to get it done.  It happened in art school, and I’ll be damned if I let it happen to me now.   And really, there are other comic ideas that I have that I’d much rather achieve than whatever this was.

So, long story short: I don’t have anything for today.  I’m really sorry, but there will be something up on Wednesday.  Friday’s comic will serve as a monument to whatever the heck I was trying to do but somehow got garbled between the fruition of the idea and the actually drawing of it.

In the meantime, feel free to check out some of my other storylines that actually worked.  The Halloween stories, Willa’s family visiting, the couch – heck, even the Dentist story from last year.  Links will be below.

And as always, happy reading!

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I don’t really have a whole lot to do with social media websites.

I don’t have a Tumblr, I don’t have an Instagram, I tried Twitter for a hot minute before dropping it entirely, never even bothered with MySpace – no, the only one I’ve used on a regular basis, and the only one that I’ve perhaps had any need for, is Facebook.

I believe I started it Sophomore year of high school, simply because every one else, including my brother, had one, and I didn’t want to be left out.  And I would spend hours on it, seeing what other people were up to, chatting, playing inordinate amounts of games – a time suck, for sure.  This somewhat simple relationship lasted me into college, I suppose, letting me keep up with family members and people from high school.

If I had to describe my current relationship with Facebook, though, I’d probably have to go with “It’s Complicated.”

Recently, I’ve found myself venturing into the land of Facebook less and less.  Maybe I’ll pop on once in a blue moon to change my profile picture, or to see what every one else is up to (or to promote this blog *cough* *hack*).  But other than that, I find myself sometimes actively avoiding the bloody website.

And for me, it all comes down to the news.

I believe that we live in a world that is oversaturated with news.  It’s constantly being shoved into our faces, everywhere we go.  I mean, do we really need 24 hour news stations, blaring at all times?  This is actually one of the reasosn I dread going to the gym sometimes, something so stupidly peripheral that I need to tune out if I want to get into shape.  And of course, most of what is reported is bad – the good stuff gets shoved aside for the crappy stuff to rise to the top, because that’s what sells nowadays.  And given the current political climate of the world right now, there is a frickin’ lot of it at the moment, coming from all sides.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I know it is important to not be ignorant of what’s going on in the world at the moment and not hide under a rock (yes, Katy Perry, we can’t be chained to the rhythm, I got it).  But for me personally, watching the news is not what I’d consider healthy.  I don’t feel like I learn anything.  Instead, I end up internalizing it and waste more time worrying and Googling things when I know that there is other stuff I’d need to be doing or would rather be doing.

What does all this have to do Facebook?  Because that’s where this all ends up – social media.  It all gets regurgitated with people linking and spouting their own opinions on this endless tidal wave of news that continually barrages us.  And some people don’t know the difference between actual news and hearsay, or decide to gather their info from less than reputable news sources, which results in misinformation being spread.  That helps a grand total of ZERO (and quite possibly is the reason why certain people got elected, but let’s not go there).

There is also that stupid trending bar on the side that drives me nuts by, once again, dragging up what’s popular in the world right now, which is usually the number one thing being reported on, which turns out to be gloomy, bad, or depressing.   Or freakishly inconsequential – swear if I see the Kardashians trending ONE MORE TIME…

Sorry for the run-on sentence.  But seriously, my GOD.  It is just a lot to take in all at once.  And I know this sounds really selfish and quite possibly stupid, but I don’t want to be constantly reminded of all the crap that’s going on.  I’m wondering if I even care anymore about what people think about this or that or whatever.  I don’t think this is a good thing, to be frank, but if I want to keep my anxiety down and move forward with my life, I don’t know if I have a choice in the matter.  I’m not going to be of much help to anyone if I’m constantly falling down this particular rabbit hole.

Whew.  That was therapeutic.  But seriously, checking Facebook has now been demoted to a chore, something to get over with as quickly as possible so that I can move on to other things.  And one day, I hope that there is a way to get rid of that stupid, bloody trending bar.

Looking at you, Mark Zuckerberg.




Yeah.  Kinda how I’m feeling right now.

Like I want to build a blanket fort and live in there, away from the rest of humanity with limited human interaction, for an undetermined amount of time.  Maybe a few years, maybe the rest of my life, who knows?

Wouldn’t be so bad.  I’ll make sure I’d have all the essentials – my Nintendo DS, my iPod, my laptop, my sketchbook and pens, a few good books, and a box of Girl Scout cookies.  Surround myself with a bunch of pillows and stuffed animals, throw my cell phone into a river, and I’m good!

Might actually do that.  Lord knows I’ve amassed enough throw blankets.

The Couch: Back Inside

It’s either that or have no couch for a month.

Continuing off of Monday’s post…


Nothing but sheer panic gripped the household as my poor mom tried to find out where the hell our brand new couch was, since it wasn’t where it should’ve been: on the truck being delivered to us, with the delivery company not having a record of it.

A search was launched for the receipt that Mom had wrapped up for Dad to show to him on Christmas, just to show that no, we weren’t crazy, we did in fact buy a couch.  After frantically searching through the mounds of paper we have in our house, it was found, thankfully.

This was followed by multiple phone calls to multiple people – the shipping company, JC Penneys – only for us to arrive to the conclusion that apparently, our couch didn’t exist.

Not the most fun hour, for sure.  I was fairly certain somebody was going end up in tears.

Thankfully – thankfully – we finally got an answer.  Turns out the reason no one had it on record was because it wasn’t finished being made yet.  It would be at least another month or so.

Sweet relief filled the house, only to be quickly followed by the realization of oh crap, what are we going to do without a couch?

The unfortunate answer: bring the old one back in.

And so, once again, the rigamarole of trying to drag our couch through the door into the house ensued.

Really, really hoping the neighbors weren’t watching.