Reading is Fun

Please stop.

We’ve been closed for over a month now.  The e-mail letting our patrons know the library system was closing to the public was sent out in January.  There are signs all over the door and parking lot telling people what to do to get their books.

And yet, this.

At this point, I don’t know how we can make it any clearer save for putting up a giant neon sign that says “CLOSED.”

Rupert the Romantic

Feeling the love…

Have no clue why I’ve been on a Rupert/Abel kick as of late.  Probably because of this past Sunday being Valentine’s Day and these two are the only characters that are involved romantically.

Honestly, at this point, I think ALL of the characters in the I Draw Walruses universe are living vicariously through these guys.

Except for maybe Dot.  Because she’s Dot.

Christmas’ End

It’s February, Jeff.

Fact of the matter is, this is early for us.  I mean, February’s not even half way over yet and most of our Christmas stuff is actually down and put away.

…thinking about it, maybe that’s why Jeff likes it here so much.  Because we leave our Christmas decorations up for so long.

Celestial Characters

Oooooo, COLOR…

What do we have here?

Drew, actually on track to posting 3 times in a week?

Attempting something with colored pencils?

The answers to these questions are: an entry for a contest on Instagram, hopefully, and yes.  It’s kind of a mess, but yes.

So, an artist I follow on Instagram, Crimson Chains, is hosting an art competition.  The challenge: creating an original character based on the theme Celestial Court.  The winner gets to have their original characters drawn in Crimson Chains’ style.

Do I think I’ll win?  I dunno – probably not.  But do I think this is a good exercise in trying something else?  Yes.

So, here are my characters – the Stardusters.

Soleil Saff is a Starduster – basically, she collects star dust and creates artwork.  Objects made from star dust have extremely high value, along with other mystical properties.  People would pay out the nose in order to get their hands on a star dust object.  However, it is a very rare skill, so Stardusters are far and few between.  So Soleil is in high demand.

She can often be seen darting around scribbling down new ideas, or hunting down deposits of star dust around the galaxy.  She’s a bit messy, a bit scattered, but very good at what she does.

Acting as her assistant/bodyguard is Capricorn Cole.  His main job is to make sure Soleil doesn’t end up in any dangerous situations – which, given her single-minded goal of finding stardust, can happen frequently.  He’s very strong, despite his size, and is definitely the more grounded of the two.  Both are known for leaving trails of star dust, again not being the most polished members of the Celestial Court.

I’ll be posting this on Instagram shortly – so let’s see what happens.