Witchtober, Day 31 – Free Choice!

Because is it truly an October drawing challenge if I don’t draw my mini Cthulhus? There we are!  All 31 prompts in the bag (even if it isn’t quite October anymore)!  Had a lot of fun with this challenge, with a bit more focus on characters than last year, which mostly focused on a moment… Continue reading Witchtober, Day 31 – Free Choice!

In the Neighborhood

I need to actually map out where everything is in this universe. Not everyone lives in the immediate neighborhood – Cleo and most of the Paw Pioneers, for example.  And the mermaids, of course.  Unless they had a saltwater swimming pool. Also pretty sure the Seasons live somewhere else, but they just like to hang… Continue reading In the Neighborhood

Meet the Cthulhus

Unsurprisingly, bringing the snowman to life was indeed Mary's idea.

Been drawing these guys a lot lately, and thought they needed a formal introduction! Kind of funny how they started off as a Inktober drawing and somehow morphed into this – like Arugthor, who I haven’t drawn in ages.  They are fun to draw – even if I keep needing to remind myself which kid… Continue reading Meet the Cthulhus