Adulting: Snow Day

So much snow. So much.
So much snow.  So much.
So much snow. So much.

I love Winter.  I’ve always thought there was something magical about this time of year.  Whether it’s the cold, or the low grey skies against the naked branches of the trees, or the possibility of snow blanketing everything in soft whiteness – I just love Winter.  And when all these elements align, it feels as though the world is as it should be.  Which is why when December rolls around, I stay glued to the Weather Channel, hoping that we will get at least SOME snow, or at least the temperatures will stay low.  Whenever a warm day does manage to sneak in here and there, it feels as though the world is about to end.

This winter, we’d had a couple of small snow falls – 2 to 3 inches – but nothing really huge, unlike what they’re getting up in Boston (think warm thoughts!).  I was still looking forward to that one big snowfall, the one where schools get cancelled for most of the week, the one where people break out the shovels and snowblowers – as long as we have one, I am pleased (unlike the winters of 2012 and 2013, which I consider to be fails).  This week, I finally got my wish – a good 6 inches of snow fell in Northern Virginia (my neck of the woods)!  Whoo hoo, snow day!


This time, it was different.  I couldn’t just sit back and enjoy it.  No no no.  This time I had to be the one to break out the shovel and broom to dig out my car and help my mother clear the driveway before the snow became too cold and stiff to move. And since the temperature has been in the teens for the most of the week, the snow wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and would have be dealt with eventually.

Sweet merciful Neptune, it was hard work.  I can see why my mom always worries about my dad when he’s done it in the past (he’s spent the week in Arizona, so…).  Clearing off the cars was easy enough, but just trying to get through all that snow…it was rough.  Thankfully, our very nice neighbor lent a hand with his (somewhat glitchy) snowblower, but still, there was a ton of snow still there.  I actually sweated quite a bit, which I really didn’t think was possible in that cold of temperature.  By the end of it, I was ready to collapse on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and not move ever again.

All part of being an adult, I suppose.  Having to do something that you don’t want to do but have to do or else (again).  Still love snow, and am really glad that my mom and I were able to dig ourselves out before too long, but – oh my gosh.  So much snow to dig through.  Just, so much.

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By Drew

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