…yep, that’s pretty much it.

This is what happens when you run out of ideas and begin to wonder how these guys eat.

Dot has a mouth – it’s just hidden in the dark behind her fang-mandible things.

And I’m pretty sure that that’s not how gas masks work.  But then again, it’s Quincy.  Normal rules do not apply here.

Seasonal Sweet Tooth

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‘Tis the season for my sweet tooth to be thoroughly indulged.  Baked goods, egg nog, and chocolates galore – just basking in the sugar.  Like a dentist’s nightmare up in here.

And to Aunt Krystie, because I know you’re reading this – don’t worry.   The candy has been shared and I didn’t squirrel it away.

Crossed my mind, maybe, but it has been shared.

A Paw Pioneer Thanksgiving

Dibs on the other drumstick.

Looks like someone put the Paw Pioneers in charge of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Was that a smart idea?  Maybe, maybe not.  Hopefully, though, people won’t mind a one-legged turkey and goat hair in the mashed potatoes.  Hopefully.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Go out or stay in, enjoy some delicious food and remember to be thankful!