Okay. So. Friday’s comic was supposed to kick off a new mini storyarc.  However, soon after I posted it, I took another look at it and thought, “This doesn’t seem right.”  It wasn’t the lead-in that I really wanted, plus I’m not sure that I like how it turned out overall. So, I decided to… Continue reading

Fantastic Characters and Where I Hide Them

The answer to Lars' question is "absolutely nothing."

This is something that I’ve literally been doing for ages now.  I’m not sure if it’s a hobby or what, but I love making up characters.  I think I’ve mentioned it before here, but it’s honestly one of the more fun and easier parts of creating as a whole.  I like dreaming up how they… Continue reading Fantastic Characters and Where I Hide Them

Resoluting Resolutions

Hey, two out of four ain't bad, in the long run.

Didn’t really come up with any resolutions for the new year.  Or rather any new resolutions.  It’s pretty much the latter two mentioned in the comic – attempt to worry less and try to write more.  Both of which I failed at last year. Of course, now that I think about it, I don’t think I helped… Continue reading Resoluting Resolutions

The Story’s Over

Now what, indeed.

So far, I’ve done about 4 big storylines here on I Draw Walruses.  And this tends to be what happens afterwards.  Posting that last comic, sitting back and thinking, “Well, now what do I draw?” That’s the nice thing about storylines: knowing what I’m going to draw next, which will obviously be something regarding that story.… Continue reading The Story’s Over

Walrus Studies: The Author

Write write write write.

Here’s our walrus friend, hard at work on his latest writing endeavor.  He’s finally broken through the writer’s block, and is now attempting to sally forth with his newest short story.  Knowing him, it’s probably about fish. Speaking of writing, I have finally gotten started on that New Year’s Resolution of trying to write more… Continue reading Walrus Studies: The Author

Resolution: Writing

Can you even get typewriters anymore?

Welcome to Resolutions Week!  It’s a series where I discuss what I want to happen/hope will happen during the year of 2016.  And today’s topic: writing! Yay… So, back in college, when I was in the midst of discovering that art school was doing nothing more than crushing my soul, I took a mandatory writing… Continue reading Resolution: Writing