The News

Another ultra-relevant/unfortunately relatable song from Paramore, folks. All the news seems to do for me is cause my anxiety to skyrocket and, on worse days, send me spiraling. I keep telling myself that I can handle it, when the reality is it just makes things WORSE.  And I’m not actually taking anything in except sheer… Continue reading The News

Overwhelmed by Content

There’s just so much…stuff out there. Stuff to read.  Stuff to watch.  Stuff to play.  Stuff to listen to.  Stuff stuff stuff. But it feels like there isn’t enough time to consume it all.  Or at least in a way where you actually enjoy it. And of course, new content is continually coming out.  So… Continue reading Overwhelmed by Content

Funguary – Wrinkled Peach Mushroom

Okay, so technically Funguary ended Monday, and I would have loved to have posted this final picture then – if I Draw Walruses hadn’t experienced an extreme oopsy. Turns out, my website got infected with some kind of malware, and everytime you clicked on something, it led you to, uhh, a particular website that caters… Continue reading Funguary – Wrinkled Peach Mushroom

Good Omens – Theories

So, I keep seeing stuff for the second season of Good Omens popping up on Instagram.  And some of the posts  start off by saying “SPOILER WARNING” before showing us the actual picture or whatever.  They usually end up being a photo of the show in production. And I’m like, “…what exactly does this spoil?”… Continue reading Good Omens – Theories

Last Week

Been a while since I drew these guys.

Last week. My god. Last week was one of the longest, most excruciating weeks I have had the displeasure of experiencing period. Like, all of the anxiety I’ve had during 2020 was jammed into the span of a week and heightened to levels that I haven’t felt in years. All due to a very particular… Continue reading Last Week


I art so well.

Really, I try to avoid to draw anything with wheels. Had a brief moment of panic this past week when my car decided to not start one morning.  Instantly thought this was gonna be Old Car all over again, with the added twist of “BUT I’M STILL TRYING TO PAY THIS CAR OFF HOW CAN… Continue reading Cars