Overwhelmed by Content

There’s just so much…stuff out there. Stuff to read.  Stuff to watch.  Stuff to play.  Stuff to listen to.  Stuff stuff stuff. But it feels like there isn’t enough time to consume it all.  Or at least in a way where you actually enjoy it. And of course, new content is continually coming out.  So… Continue reading Overwhelmed by Content

A Heaping Helping of Not Helping

This does happen, from time to time. My brain decides to tell me, “Why do you keep on drawing?  You’re not even that good.  No one actually sees it.  You’re buried by the algorithm.  You’re not even making money off of it.  Why even try?” But then comes the question – what should I be… Continue reading A Heaping Helping of Not Helping

It’s a Trip!

I know what you’re thinking. And I agree!  “Jamboree” and “haberdashery” are two wonderfully underutilized words. I know you’re also probably thinking things like, “Drew, what the hell is this?” and “What ARE those things coming off of Bopfenmuth’s body?” and “Is Puffkyth okay?”  Really don’t have clear answers for the first two, but I… Continue reading It’s a Trip!

Doodcember, Day 9 – Elf

Don't provoke it! It can smell fear.

Fun fact: I’ve been meaning to give these mini Cthulus names for the longest time.  But I was having issues with the last name. I was going for a theme and naming them after horror authors – so I had Edgar for Edgar Allan Poe, Mary for Mary Shelley, and Bram for Bram Stoker.  For… Continue reading Doodcember, Day 9 – Elf