Nose Pics

Put that nose AWAY, Silas. No one needs to see that.

Based off of a picture my friend Chelsea sent me.

It’s weird, seeing people wearing their masks with their noses exposed.

One, it defeats the whole purpose of wearing the mask.

Two, it looks…well, it looks wrong.

Thankfully, Silas learned his lesson after Cleo talked to him and told him how much of an idiot he looked like.

Also, can’t remember the last time I did a comic set at the library.  Huh.

Walruses and Hauntings 4: Readying the Troops

Kind of on a time crunch here, Cleo – no time to make it look good.

Time to run.  Again.

Happy Halloween, everybody!  May it be as spooky or as sweet as you like it!

Also, once again, didn’t manage to finish the story line in time for the holiday.  But oh well!  It will be finished at some point…next month…