Good Omens – Theories

So, I keep seeing stuff for the second season of Good Omens popping up on Instagram.  And some of the posts  start off by saying “SPOILER WARNING” before showing us the actual picture or whatever.  They usually end up being a photo of the show in production. And I’m like, “…what exactly does this spoil?”… Continue reading Good Omens – Theories

Doodcember, Days 1 and 2 – Past and Box

Feels like a good representation of these two – all of Rupert’s photos, nice and neat and organized into a labelled showbox, and Abel’s are just shoved into a big box. So we’re doing this again!  IG Doods posted their Doodsember list, and I’ll be taking part.  Didn’t start yesterday because I wanted to get… Continue reading Doodcember, Days 1 and 2 – Past and Box

The Finished Product

This is why Rupert’s in charge of the finances in this household. I picture Abel as one of those super crafty types who’s got several different projects going on at once and it’s a miracle if he finishes one.  So this is kind of a big deal for him.


Abel has his blonde moments.  And he doesn’t even really have any hair. I just realized I need to an intro comic with these two.  And the other little monsters that make up Dot’s crew.  They’re probably some of my favorite characters to draw.  Them and the Cthulhu family.

In the Neighborhood

I need to actually map out where everything is in this universe. Not everyone lives in the immediate neighborhood – Cleo and most of the Paw Pioneers, for example.  And the mermaids, of course.  Unless they had a saltwater swimming pool. Also pretty sure the Seasons live somewhere else, but they just like to hang… Continue reading In the Neighborhood

Rupert the Romantic

Feeling the love...

Have no clue why I’ve been on a Rupert/Abel kick as of late.  Probably because of this past Sunday being Valentine’s Day and these two are the only characters that are involved romantically. Honestly, at this point, I think ALL of the characters in the I Draw Walruses universe are living vicariously through these guys.… Continue reading Rupert the Romantic