The Finished Product

This is why Rupert’s in charge of the finances in this household. I picture Abel as one of those super crafty types who’s got several different projects going on at once and it’s a miracle if he finishes one.  So this is kind of a big deal for him.


Abel has his blonde moments.  And he doesn’t even really have any hair. I just realized I need to an intro comic with these two.  And the other little monsters that make up Dot’s crew.  They’re probably some of my favorite characters to draw.  Them and the Cthulhu family.



Honestly, this was just one of those images I’ve had in my head for a while, and I wanted to get it down on paper, so here it is.  A little sheep-beast that can make his own yarn. Also, I have no clue how a spinning wheel works.  This was as close as I could… Continue reading Malcolm