Mermay: Deep Water Friends

An interesting duo of merpeople – Isadora the Dumbo Octopus mermaid and Calder the Vampire Squid merman! Side note: I kept wanting to name this mermaid Daphne, but I already have a Daphne in the comic – who is, ironically, a Dumbo Octopus.  

Mermay: Punch

…am I about to post 3 times in a week? Something I haven’t done in months? What black magic is this? In all seriousness, I have been on a drawing streak as of late.  Hopefully I can keep it up.  We’ll see! Also, Poe is a menace.  Sorry, Lars.

Selkie Boy

See, without his seal skin on, Selkie Boy doesn’t seem like a Silver.  He looks more like something else.  Roan…? You know what, I’m gonna stick with that.  His name’s Roan now.  Silver’s just Clark’s nickname for him. Also I want to stop drawing rocks instead of backgrounds for the Mermay drawings, but that would… Continue reading Selkie Boy

Beach Human Bingo

Told myself I was going to do at least one mermaid drawing this MerMay.  So here we are, back again with our friends Lyric and Anemone doing some human watching.  Because as we all know, humans are bizarre, bizarre creatures.

Walrus Mermaid

I've named him Clark. He just seems like a Clark.

LOL JK one more mermaid drawing. Someone pointed out that it was surprising that I hadn’t drawn anything walrus related for Mermay. So I decided to fix that. I’ve named him Clark.  Because he seems like a Clark.  Also, I think he might be my new favorite.  He’s too cute.

Mermay Part 4

All righty, here we go – the last few drawings of Mermay! First off, some character introductions.  There’s Arlo, our firestarter merman.  Super shy and withdrawn, he has been picked on and ostracized by other mermaids (none of the ones here – they think he’s cool) due to his “unusual” power of pyrokinesis.  He tries… Continue reading Mermay Part 4

Mermay Part 3

What?  More mermaids? *GASP* Shocker. Anyways. First up, we have Kai, a Carp Mer.  He’s hydrokinetic, the most widespread of mermaid powers.  A perfectionist, he is very hard on himself, constantly pushing himself to be the best.  The other mermaids view him as very serious, but extremely loyal.  It’s best to have him on your… Continue reading Mermay Part 3