That Crunch

I’m pretty sure that there are people who do in fact eat cicadas.  So Julie-Anne is in good company. Although I’m pretty sure they don’t just shovel the bugs straight from the ground into their mouths.  But that’s not gonna stop Julie-Anne now, is it? But maybe Inez’s judgmental stare will. By the way, the… Continue reading That Crunch


Oof. The grass stains.

Really, Lenore should have considered that in the first place.  If something is strange or missing – find the kids.


Just wait until it gets cold, Winter - then they'll all be dead. :)

Remember, bats are our friends for this very reason.  Someone has to keep those little bloodsuckers in check. Also, I am now 28.  And apparently still afraid of haircuts.


Bringing back some rather unfortunate Boy Scout memories here.

Not gonna lie – putting me in charge of leading a group, with my inability to read a compass, general dislike of the outdoors, and woeful lack of direction, is probably the worst idea.