Cicada to the Face

The birdbath might not be the best hiding place.  I’ve seen what the doves do in it…

Don’t worry, Dot.  Pretty sure that the cicadas are all starting to die out, judging by the massive pile of dead bugs on our porch.  And they have gotten quieter – haven’t been hearing that low alien drone as much recently.  So it might be the start of the end.

Is it weird that I’m gonna kind of miss them?  I dunno.  Circle of life, I suppose.

Christmas’ End

It’s February, Jeff.

Fact of the matter is, this is early for us.  I mean, February’s not even half way over yet and most of our Christmas stuff is actually down and put away.

…thinking about it, maybe that’s why Jeff likes it here so much.  Because we leave our Christmas decorations up for so long.

Intro: Jeff the Reindeer

Other holidays be damned.

Here he is – the reindeer with the most Christmas spirit, Jeff the Reindeer!

I feel bad for Jeff sometimes.  I don’t draw him as often as everyone else and he kind of just…fades into the background.  Until it’s Christmastime and I remember that he exists.

I think the main reason I decided to keep drawing him was that I enjoyed the ridiculousness of his name.  A reindeer named Jeff.  Not Jeffrey.  Just Jeff.  More importantly, Jeff the Reindeer.  Seems incomplete without the last bit.

I’d probably describe Jeff as calm with a hint of desperation and a intensity for Christmas that is unrivaled by anyone.  Yeah, that sums him up.

Also, the first time I’ve drawn his stable (which I am pretty damn proud of – look at that building!  It looks like a building!).  He lives out in the backyard for two main reasons: he’s kind of hard to keep inside and he’d probably start decorating for Christmas in August.  So for everyone’s sanity, he stays out back.  Suits his needs, though.  Not sure how much shenanigans he would tolerate (see: when Arugthor landed in the backyard).

Next up: Cleo!

Intro: Eliza

So. Much. Glitter.

Here she is – the ball of energy that is Eliza the red panda!

…honestly, there really isn’t much of a deep backstory here.  I drew a red panda once, liked how she turned out, and just kept throwing her into comics.  That’s pretty much it.  Kind of funny how that happens.  Now, what happened to the kiwi bird I drew her with, I dunno.  But Eliza’s still here.

I will say that she is one of the harder characters to draw.  She has a lot of different details to get right, especially with the shading of her body and tail.  It took me a while to get her design down, but I think I’ve got it squared away at this point.

Fun fact: I got her name from an article about baby animals born in zoos.  There was a trio of red pandas born, and one of them was named Lizzie.  So when I started drawing a red panda of my own, I decided on Eliza.

Thinking about it now, Eliza is definitely not an Elizabeth.  She’s an Eliza, straight up.

An Eliza who uses way too much glitter.  That’s gonna be found everywhere…

Next up: Jeff the Reindeer!