Intro: Cleo

Hang in there, Dot. Only a few dozen more.

Here she is – the most magical of my characters, Cleo Culpepper! Out of the four Halloween storylines that I’ve done, the 2016 Revenge of the Stuffed Animals was probably my favorite.  I thought the writing and the pacing were the strongest, it didn’t take me forever and a day to finish it, I wasn’t… Continue reading Intro: Cleo

Gardening Pals

Who needs a spade when you have metal claws for hands?

Feel like this is something that Cleo and Quincy would bond over – hanging out outside, puttering around the garden. After all, plants are easier to handle than people. Also, I realized that I’ve drawn Cleo a grand total of two times in the past year.  Unacceptable.  Our witch friend deserves more air time.

The Easter Witch

Happy Easter!

Honestly, just felt like drawing Cleo and Hazel – it had been a while, so why not? Hope everyone has a Happy Easter this weekend!  Can’t believe it’s already upon us.  Where the heck is this year going?

The Messenger

Good kitty.

Because who needs owls? Side note: turned 26 yesterday.  Celebrated by going to Build-A-Bear and playing board games.  Because how else would I celebrate? Also, does anyone actually build a bear at Build-A-Bear?  Because we left with a dog, a cat, and a bat.  I mean, why build an actual bear when you could have… Continue reading The Messenger

A New Friend

Must be nice to be able to go outside and not be affected by allergies...

Looks like a certain red panda has made a new friend!  They’ve decided to go adventuring in the great outdoors (read: the backyard) and appear to have discovered something…maybe not extraordinary, but certainly interesting.