Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: Your Destination!

Potato salad, dogs, and birthday parties. Yep, that just about sums it all up.

4 days.  9 states.  Who knows how many miles. You drive across the scrubby Colorado landscape, the Rockies rising out of the mist to greet you.  You wind your way through a brightly colored neighborhood, pulling into your aunt and uncle’s driveway.  Exhausted, you drag yourself and your luggage out of the car – which… Continue reading Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: Your Destination!

Meet the Olsens: Epilogue


…storyline over! Realized the other day that this particular story has been going on since May.  May!  This is the longest complete story that I think I’ve ever actually done, both in terms of writing and cartooning.  Whoo! Also, some quick news: as previously mentioned, I will be out on much needed vacation for the… Continue reading Meet the Olsens: Epilogue

Meet the Olsens: Rodney

It COULD mean that he's an army veteran, Lars! ...actually, no, he's a veterinarian, it's exactly what you think it means.

This might explain why Willa is so comfortable rooming with a walrus, a red panda, and a reindeer. Also, I realize that I’m not sure if I have ever spelled the word “veterinarian” correctly.  Hm.

Meet the Olsens: Tabitha and Eleanor

"Holy crap look at that BUSH and that TREE and that OTHER TREE...!"

Pretty much sums up the difference between the twins: both liking the same things, but Tabitha being a bit more…enthusiastic about it.  Also possibly having a shorter attention span in comparison to Eleanor. Side note: I went through a phase back in middle school where I found twins and multiple births in general to be… Continue reading Meet the Olsens: Tabitha and Eleanor

Meet the Olsens: Joshua

At least he didn't say taxidermy, right?

Fun fact: while I was looking up “mortuary science,” I discovered that the University of Minnesota actually offers this as a major – meaning that this is totally plausible since the Olsens live in Minnesota. Oh, the serendipity of it all.

Meet the Olsens: Callum

Ugh, he's one of THOSE people...

Oh, those sporty, athletic types that just make you want to take a nap forever.  Always making the rest of us look that much more out of shape… Side note: I have caught American Ninja Warrior a couple of times.  My emotions bounced between “Holy crap, that was freakishly impressive” and sobbing over a package of… Continue reading Meet the Olsens: Callum