Human Versions – Paw Pioneers

The whole crew accounted for!

I think I made Inez a bit creepier than I intended to.  Like, she knows what you did.  She always knows.

But I am so happy with how Cordelia and Lulu turned out.  I’m seriously tempted to take these designs and use them for some other characters.  Especially Cordelia’s.


Probably the furthest that cicada’s flown.

After 17 years (I was 12 the last time they came around – good GOD), the cicadas have indeed arisen.  And they are indeed kind of freaky looking.

Not necessarily the hell spawn that Dot’s picturing them as, but still.  Weird little buggers.  Half the time I’m not sure if they’re dead or alive.  A quick nudge usually helps to tell if they are.  It also helps to flip them over, as they seem to struggle with that.

They seem to struggle in general, honestly.

I can relate.

Here’s to you, you freaky little bugs.  Make some noise.  Shed some skin.  Do your cicada thing.