I would not mind being woken up with cupcakes to the face.

27 Things I’ve Realized/That Have Happened to Myself as I’ve Gotten Older

1. I’m slowly turning into a cat person.  Don’t get me wrong – I still like dogs.  But cats and I, we have an understanding.  And I may get one once I get my own place.

2. Halloween has become a lot more fun.  Didn’t really celebrate it when I was younger, but now it’s like, what have I been missing?  Getting to dress up, stuffing your face full of sugar, scary movies, writing Halloween-themed stories – it’s just a fun day.

3. Lettuce is still gross.  Sad, but true.  Thought I’d outgrow that.  But no.

4. I cry a lot more easily now.  Or at least tear up.  A sign of maturity in that I’m letting myself feel these emotions?  Maybe.

5. Kids books and Young Adult books are more fun than Adult books.  And they will hit you in the feels just as hard, if not harder.  Looking at you, Matylda Bright and Tender.  (Also, go read Matylda Bright and Tender.  Seriously recommend it.)

6. Looking at turning 30 from 21 and looking at it from 27 are very, very different.  Suddenly it’s right around the corner, and I’m just like “…wait.  Oh NO, IT’S COMING.  WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE.”

7. The Gym is a terrifying place filled with horrors.  I will never understand people who actually enjoy going.  And yet I still need to go, or I will turn into Jabba the Hut.  Especially with my eating habits.  Speaking of which…

8. I need to start watching what I eat.  Otherwise I’m never going to lose weight.  Especially as I’m getting older.  Fun.

9. Abs are never going to happen.  A guy can dream, right?

10. Neither are sleeveless T’s.  Because no one needs to see my upper arms.  I don’t want to see my upper arms.  Forearms, yes.  Upper arms, *SHUDDER.*

11. I think I have some pretty nice forearms and legs.  Yay, having some body positivity!

12. Etsy is simultaneously a magical place to support artists and a black hole that sucks up all my money.  Same goes to Society6.  Just, take my cash.  Take it all.

13. My body is starting to do weird things as I’ve gotten older.  Example (and possibly TMI): I have become way more gassy.  Not much more to say than that.

14.  People are weird and sometimes horrible.  A fact of life.  An awful one, but a fact of life.  This might be the title of my autobiography.

15. And yet, there are just some people that the world doesn’t deserve.  Brendon Urie, for example.  And Thomas Sanders.  They are cinnamon rolls, and must be protected at all costs.

16.  I will never be too old for stuffed animals.  At least I hope not.  They keep me company and just have so many memories attached with them.  I can’t.

17. The day I am too old for Pokemon is the day you can pry my Nintendo DS from my cold, dead hands.  That is all.

18. Facebook is not good for my mental health.  And yet I just got an Instagram account.  Mostly to look at pictures of walruses and food.  We’ll see how this goes.

19. I am definitely a Fall/Winter person.  Bring on the sweater weather, people!  I am more than ready for it, and am more than done with sweating profusely.

20. Coming up with characters is very easy to do.  Names, faces, personalities, powers – it’s all very simple, and one of my favorite things to do.

21. Coming up with plotlines is HARD.  Which is why I have lists of these characters that I’ve been making up since I was a kid, and yet I haven’t actually done a whole lot with.  Blargh.

22. I now have a better sense of my own mental health and how to keep it in check.  More than just meds, it’s a basic understanding of my anxiety/depression, and what I need to be doing about it/avoid setting it off.  For example, staying away from Facebook and the news so that my time is spent on other things than worrying about everything.  That’s not helping anyone, especially me.

23. If I ran my own gym, all the TVs would be showing movies, sports, the Food Network, and cartoons.  No one needs to be watching the news while they’re working out.  Come on, now.  People have enough to worry about while they’re there.

24.  Avocados are kinda gross.  Just throwing that out there.  They taste like grass.

25. Dropping out of art school has still been one of the best decisions of my life.  Pretty sure I wouldn’t be functioning by the time I was 22 if I had stuck around.  Or even now.  I would be a broken human being.  Sounds dramatic, but I mean, I honestly think that is what would happen.  Lord knows I’d need more that escitalopram at this point.  Not sure if I’d even be able to continue drawing, or that this blog would exist.

26. Not sure where I saw myself being at 27.  Seriously, no clue.  Maybe working an artsy job?  Living in New York City?  *SHRUG*

27. But I am very, very happy where I am right now.  Working at a library, having super supportive parents and an actual friend group to hang out and do stuff with, being able to draw almost every day, creating a group of characters that I love – it’s fantastic.  I’m truly enjoying myself, and am currently having the time of my life.

Here’s to my 28th year, people.  Let’s hope it’s awesome.

Heading Out

Sharing is caring.  Except when it comes to food.

The only real solution is to hide all the chocolate ones and let everyone else have the rest.  Technically it’s sharing.

Anyways, that wraps up the Turtle Bakers!  They will more than likely/definitely be back in some way.  Special shout-out to Chelsea and Pan the Bread Turtle for inspiring this little series.  Whoo!


Something about the accent makes it that much more terrifying.

Someone doesn’t want to risk a batch of cupcakes falling.  Which, I mean, totally understandable.  But still.

In other news, my mother is now officially in the Ukraine for the next couple of weeks.  Wishing her all the best and have solemnly sworn not to burn the house down in her absence.

Turtle Tour

If there are free samples involved, I’d probably pull a Kool-Aid Man and burst through the counter.

More turtles!  More baked goods!  More demonstrations of my lack of coordination!

Sorry about my really weird upload schedule as of late.  This week I at least had a decent excuse.  Had a job interview that will hopefully result in a promotion maybe.  I think it went well – I HOPE it went well.  I’ve been bouncing between “I DID AMAZING” and “OH GOD I FAILED.”  So, who knows?

We shall see.

Please Like My Cupcakes

*Rushes off to force cupcakes onto more people*

This was pretty much me this past Wednesday at my workplace’s Christmas Party.  I had decided to make Red Velvet Cupcakes – something festive, something bright, something that I hoped everyone would enjoy (side note: they turned out more maroon than actually red – I doubled the recipe, and didn’t add enough food coloring to the batter.  Whoops).

I ended up sitting adjacent to the desserts table, and spent a good portion of the time staring at my plate of cupcakes, frequently counting how many were left to see if people were taking them.  And if I did see someone take one, I would hold my breath or kinda just stare at them until they had some sort of reaction.  Thankfully, everyone seemed to enjoy them.  Yay!  Fragile cooking ego validated!

My parents are used to my…intensity, I suppose I should call it, about my food and how it’s received.  Even if it’s something I’ve made a thousand times, I still want to know.  Was it good?  Was it awful?  Like, will this be the first time I’ve screwed something up even though I could make this lasagna in my sleep?

I know, not the healthiest way of thinking.  A bit self absorbed (okay, maybe incredibly self absorbed), now that I think about it.  But I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this sort of thing.  At least I hope I’m not the only one.

…please let me not be the only one.

Cupcake stress aside, the Christmas Party was fun!  First one of the year for me.  Spent most of my time eating and listening to my coworkers.  Pretty much doing what I usually do during parties.  Probably more successful than last year’s party, to be honest.  It was at a restaurant, people weren’t really able to mingle, they actually got some of the orders wrong…yeah.  Potluck and pizza this year, though – good times, good times all around.