Where I’ve Been

Yeah. It’s been a rough week. Feels like my anxiety has kicked into overdrive for a whole number of reasons.  All which can be wrapped up in some sort of fear for the future and things that I have absolutely no control over.  My brain’s a mess and my stomach feels like it’s been constantly… Continue reading Where I’ve Been

Christmas’ End

It's February, Jeff.

Fact of the matter is, this is early for us.  I mean, February’s not even half way over yet and most of our Christmas stuff is actually down and put away. …thinking about it, maybe that’s why Jeff likes it here so much.  Because we leave our Christmas decorations up for so long.

Another Drop in the Basement

Water water EVERYWHERE.

Jeff considers any holiday that isn’t Christmas to be an inferior holiday. Easter and Thanksgiving get a pass. But yeah.  This was our Friday morning.  My mom goes downstairs, I’m just getting out of the shower, and – “DREW!!!!” Yep, our basement was flooding.  Yet again. Three different puddles had appeared all around the basement… Continue reading Another Drop in the Basement

In the Weeds

"Do...do we have an axe-?" "DOESN'T MATTER GET ONE."

Side note: the weed that this comic is based on is no more.  RIP terrifyingly tall weed.  We’ll miss you. …kinda sorta not really.