Meming Along

Am I late to the meme?  Yes, absolutely.  But the idea popped in my head and it needed to be done. And for those of you who don’t get it – just look up “borzoi meme” or “let me do it for you.”  It’ll all make sense.  Hopefully.

In the Neighborhood

I need to actually map out where everything is in this universe. Not everyone lives in the immediate neighborhood – Cleo and most of the Paw Pioneers, for example.  And the mermaids, of course.  Unless they had a saltwater swimming pool. Also pretty sure the Seasons live somewhere else, but they just like to hang… Continue reading In the Neighborhood


And away they go!

And there we have it!  The tale of Arugthor, finally finished.  It only took…a few months… *ahem* Also, I need to figure out to draw something else in backgrounds other than trees.  Then again, the only thing I can really draw is trees. …next story is going to be set all indoors…

Blast It All

Don't go making me aware of my flaws, now.

No, I don’t know why I decided to draw a car in the background.  I think I was just tired of drawing trees.  At least you can tell that it’s a car.

Lost “Dog”

Like hugging a polar bear. Only less likely to kill you. I think.

Easier to say, “Have you seen my dog?” than “Have you seen my seven-foot tall gargoyle guardian/nanny running around?,” I suppose.