Around the Corner

It’s coming.

I see you, Thirty.

Trying to sneak up on me like that.

Well, it won’t work!

Sure, it’s suddenly September and my birthday’s in a week.  But you still don’t surprise me, Thirty!

Bring it!

I’ll be thirty, flirty, and thriving, you’ll see!

(Author’s note: it’s really more like thirty, uhhhh, and managing, but close enough, right?)

Christmas’ End

It’s February, Jeff.

Fact of the matter is, this is early for us.  I mean, February’s not even half way over yet and most of our Christmas stuff is actually down and put away.

…thinking about it, maybe that’s why Jeff likes it here so much.  Because we leave our Christmas decorations up for so long.

Doodcember, Days 30 and 31 – Cheers and New

Holy moley, what a year.

So.  Here we are.

Doodcember is finally finished, just in the nick of time.  Had a great time doing it.

And at the same time, 2020 is coming to an end.

Thank.  GOD.

This has been an extraordinarily trying year.  We all went into it with such high hopes, and what did it give us?

Pain.  Never ending pain.

We were on the brink of World War III.  Australia was on fire.  The West Coast was on fire.  Murder hornets reared their ugly heads.  There were protests all Summer long.  And on top of all that, it was an Election year.  A really, really ugly Election year.

And of course – COVID.  Friggin’ COVID-19 upending just about everything, casting its nasty shadow across the entire world, highlighting the true depths of human stupidity.

…what a year.

On the plus side, I’ve ironically enough seen more of my friends than usual.  I’ve rediscovered an old character (Dot!) and created a new one (Quincy!).  I’ve participated in a couple of fascinating art challenges.  And I’ve started therapy.  So, a few high points.

So what is going to happen in 2021?  Who knows.  The fact is, the bar is set so low, and we are entering it bruised and bloodied.  So hopefully – HOPEFULLY – it can only go up from here.




Happy New Year, everyone!

There isn’t a new comic today (unfortunately).  But, with it being a brand new year and, heck, a brand new decade, I still wanted to pop in and post something.  More specifically, what I want to try and make happen this year.

So, here it is – Drew’s List o’ Goals for 2020.

1. Make it to the gym at least 3 times a week.  Weight loss tends to be one of the more common New Year’s Resolutions, and Lord knows it’s been one of mine for the past few years.  And, well, it really hasn’t…worked out.  So, maybe this is an easier, more concrete goal: get to the gym at least one more time a week.  And maybe watch what I eat more.  I’m a bored eater – I eat when there’s nothing else to do.  So I have to make the effort to watch what goes in my mouth more.

2. 10:00 – all electronics go OFF.  The laptop is easy enough.  The phone, on the other hand – that’s where I get in trouble.  I’ll end up falling down a rabbit hole and the next thing I know, it’s closing in on midnight, when I wanted to go to bed at 11.  So it’s time to make the attempt.  10:00 rolls around, and the phone is off.  Hopefully this’ll help with my sleeping habits as well.

3. Read read read READ.  Going along with the last one, it would probably behoove me to pick up a book and just decompress before I go to sleep.  But I also need to read more in general.  My book list is getting ridiculous.  I’ve got birthday/Christmas books lying around my room that haven’t been touched.  It’s kinda sad.  Also, I need to break into the myriad of cookbooks I’ve got lying around.  I love to look at them, but I really need to use them.

4. Explore more original characters.  This is probably the one goal that is most related to I Draw Walruses.  I’ve got all these ideas bouncing around in my head for new characters, some that have come about due to Inktober, and I want to get them out there.  So, that might be popping up here on IDW and my Instagram.  Now, Lars, Eliza, and everyone else – they aren’t going away.  Trust me.  Just want to give these new guys a bit of spotlight, that’s all.  Pretty sure that’s why I made this Christmas story about the Seasons.

5. WRITING.  UGH.  Another one I say every year.  And I barely make an effort to do so.  But I’m not letting go of it, because I know I need to do it.  Writing is a part of me, and I need to delve into it, to make sure my skills don’t just rust.  One of my professors straight up said that we will not write once we graduate – not unless we make the effort.

Damn.  He was right.

6. Let’s play some video games.  Bit of an odd one.  But there are video games that I want to try, and I just haven’t.  I could – but instead I end up doing what I always do.  YouTube and Reddit.  So maybe, when I get bored, I could try something else, like exploring some new games.  Or – again, a bit odd – watch some new shows?  Or at least catch up on some old ones.  I’m still in the second season of one show, and it just released it’s fourth, so I’m waaaaay behind.

And there we go.  Goals for the new year.  Not resolutions.  Goals.  I’ve got 12 months ahead of me to try and make these a reality.  Have to tell myself that.  But I’m looking forward to trying them out!

Here’s to 2020.  And here’s to making it an awesome year.

Where Did You Go, 2019

Next thing you know, it’ll be June and we’ll all be screaming.

It’s May.

How is it already MAY?

Where the heck did April go?

Where the heck did THIS YEAR go??

It’s not just me, right?  This year is just speeding right along.  I mean, it feels like Spring just begun, but it’s already mid-Spring.  Easter’s already past.  We’re already talking about Summer events at the library.

It’s nuts, man.

Tattoo News

“Not even the symbol for Pisces?”
“…but I’m a Virgo.”

So, about 3 or 4 hours after my last post about considering getting a tattoo, I exited Rick’s Tattoos – a highly rated tattoo shop in Northern Virginia – with a bandaged arm and a huge grin.  I’d done it.  I’d gotten my first tattoos.

It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.   Or rather, like I thought it would.  It stung, especially when Troy (the tattoo artist) started inking my arm.  I think I handled it rather well, though, for my first time.  My palms were starting to sweat, but other than that, I was okay.  I’d managed to get most of the nerves out of the way during my two hour wait.  Poor Troy had got stuck in traffic, then he needed to unpack everything, so yeah, had to wait to a bit, but my friend Chelsea (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE AND DRIVING ME AND BEING AWESOME) and I managed to get comfortable and watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.

Interesting note: the guy next to me getting a touch up on his astronaut tattoo was covered in them – and also worked for the Department of Health and wore a suit most of the time.  The people you see in tattoo shops.

All in all, would I go back to this shop?  Oh yeah.  It was pricey ($200), but so worth it.  It meant that I was getting a quality tattoo.  And these guys were so professional and knew what they were doing.  Plus I enjoyed watching the camaraderie between them, joking about donuts and poking fun at each other.  So if I do get a new tattoo, I’m heading back to Rick’s.  Highly recommended.

So.  The tattoo itself.  Or tattoos, I suppose.  As you can see, it’s a series of three symbols up my right forearm, representing the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon.  I wanted to get these tattoos for a few reasons:

  1. I thought they looked cool.  A bit shallow, yes, but they’re simple, clean, and have an interesting design.  Nice and graphic.
  2. These three things are what work together to keep us all alive.  And they will still be there long after we’re all gone.
  3. It’s a bit magic-lite.  Like, having this cool, mystical design without being too on the nose.  I do have a lot of magical characters, too, so this is a nod to them and this world that I enjoy creating.

Right now, they’re a bit itchy and a tad swollen, but I think they’re doing okay.  They’re basically open wounds, so it’ll take some time for them to heal.  Trying not to overthink things, like they’re suddenly getting infected (God, I hope not), and basically taking care of them the way the artist told me to.  I’m washing them three times a day, using some Aquaphor to make sure that they heal, and keeping them out of direct sunlight.  I also need to avoid swimming, but, I mean, it’s January.  Not like that’s super hard.

Showering has been…an experience.  Sort of need to back into the shower so I don’t soak my arm.  And they’ve also been kinda cold, since I read that I shouldn’t use hot water on my tattoos.  Probably the weirdest part of this whole thing.

Would I still get another one?  Absolutely.  Already planning it.  It’s gonna be a walrus.  It has to.  Otherwise it just wouldn’t make sense.

But still no fish.

Resoluting Resolutions

Hey, two out of four ain’t bad, in the long run.

Didn’t really come up with any resolutions for the new year.  Or rather any new resolutions.  It’s pretty much the latter two mentioned in the comic – attempt to worry less and try to write more.  Both of which I failed at last year.

Of course, now that I think about it, I don’t think I helped myself at all in those regards.  I basically ignored writing – aside from this blog – in general, while ramping up my anxiety through constant Googling and clicking on stuff that I really shouldn’t have.  So this year, it is a matter of displaying some actual willpower and restraining myself from random Google searches at 10 PM whilst pushing myself to write.  So far, the Googling seems to be going well.  The writing, well – it’s a work in progress.

As for the other two resolutions that I actually managed in some capacity to achieve, now is the time to continue forth with those, not chucking them aside.  I need to make sure that I keep going to the gym and watching what I eat, whilst moving away from the snarky t-shirts in order to upgrade my wardrobe.  Time for them to evolve into habits, not just resolutions.  And hopefully at some point, writing will become a daily activity and the worrying will diminish.  In the meantime, it’s time to buckle down and make sure they happen.