Holiday’s End

Oh, hello Jeff.

I did actually have this thought when I discovered that the last Christmas cookie had been eaten – the Holidays are over now.  Time for whatever’s next. Clearly, Jeff doesn’t agree.

Heading Out

Sharing is caring. Except maybe when it comes to food.

The only real solution is to hide all the chocolate ones and let everyone else have the rest.  Technically it’s sharing. Anyways, that wraps up the Turtle Bakers!  They will more than likely/definitely be back in some way.  Special shout-out to Chelsea and Pan the Bread Turtle for inspiring this little series.  Whoo!

Turtle Puns

"It's - it's not clever, Cookie. It's cliche. Overdone. You're better than that."

Well, looks like someone’s not feeling too shell about this whole thing. …I’m sorry.