Witchtober, Day 31 – Free Choice!

Nothing like a little magical practice!

Because is it truly an October drawing challenge if I don’t draw my mini Cthulhus?

There we are!  All 31 prompts in the bag (even if it isn’t quite October anymore)!  Had a lot of fun with this challenge, with a bit more focus on characters than last year, which mostly focused on a moment in time/scene.

And now my hand hurts.  Time for a rest.

Witchtober, Days 22+24 – Spider Web/Lace

Eight legs and a whole lot of talent.

We’ve got another twofer to play catch-up since yesterday my body decided to give up yesterday after work.

And I’ll get to Day 23 tomorrow!  Just thought these two prompts work together – like Sophie and Conrad here.  He makes the lace, she sells it on Etsy.  It all works out.