Walruses and Weddings: Epilogue

Here and gone, folks.
Here and gone, folks.


Here we are.

It’s the Monday after the Wedding.  Buster and Jen are officially married.  And I’m here, sniffling because of all the allergies kicked up by standing outdoors for copious amounts of time and exhausted.

But wow.  What a weekend.

So, I know I’ve said numerous times over the past month that I’ve been super nervous for this wedding.  Thankfully, though, I managed to shove those nerves in a box and had some of the most fun I’ve had in a while.  And for certain people, yes, you told me so.  I know what you’re thinking.

So, the wedding.

First off, the location was gorgeous.  It was the Historic Jasmine Plantation, located about a half hour from Richmond, this beautiful old manor that’s about 2, maybe 3 centuries old that’s been fixed up into a bed and breakfast/wedding venue.  All over the grounds, there were lights and cute little gazebos, with a special area in the back for receptions and a space out front for the actual ceremonies, with a bell next to it to ring when the couple are officially wed.

Side note: thank you, Buster and Jen, for making everything in the same place – the rehearsal, the wedding, the reception.  Made everything that much easier.

Inside the house, there was old stuff everywhere.  Antique chairs, couches, old pictures and signs lining the walls, with knick knacks and clocks galore.  The whole wedding party was able to stay here for the entire weekend – having to share beds, though.  I did have share with my brother that Friday, which is when I found out that a. I still snore apparently, and b. Buster moves a lot in his sleep.

The rehearsal was a little…fraught, shall we say.  Traffic was awful, so almost everyone, sans the caterer and myself, were late.  But once we got it underway, the rehearsal went perfectly fine.  The rehearsal dinner (lasagna and peach cobbler) was delicious.  This was my mother’s present to the couple, so she went all out, decorating it with purple (one of the colors of the wedding), owls (Jen’s favorite animal), and – the most popular part of the dinner – Bernie Bott’s Jelly Beans, due to Jen’s love of Harry Potter.  Everyone loved them, and loved trying not to throw up upon eating the Vomit flavored ones.  Side note: the Dirt ones?  Dear God.

Saturday, the day of the wedding, was torture.  Sure, helping set some things up in the morning helped a bit.  But after that, just waiting for the wedding to begin – sweet Lord.  I was hiding in the bedroom, just wanting something to happen so I didn’t have to wait, feeling extra lonely/anxious.  Once we started getting dressed, though, then things started to move along.  Buster got all the groomsmen matching ties and some kickass socks – had to help me tie mine, since when it comes to ties, I’m hopeless.  After that came photos – just the groomsmen photos, though.  There’d be a helluva lot more photos later one, trust me.

Then, the ceremony.  Ah, it was beautiful.  And short.  In the grand scheme of things, it was microscopic in comparison, no more than 15 minutes, tops.  Buster and Jen’s pastor friend Patrick officiated, rings were exchanged, I may have shed a tear whilst smiling like a goofball the entire time, Jen’s father bawled – really, quite lovely.

Photos took forever and a day.  Mom said that every bride has something that is the most important part of the wedding, and for Jen, it was the pictures.  She got this photographer from Virginia Beach who apparently does all the weddings down there, and had photos taken with her and Buster’s old fraternity, KK Psi (somewhere, a group of band geeks just yelled, “K…K…PSI!!!”), the groom’s family (us, of course), her dad’s family, her mom’s family, Buster with the bridesmaids, herself with the groomsmen, and finally, the entire bridal party.  The whole time, we might or might not have been getting really, REALLY hungry.  Or maybe it was just me.  Nah, it was all of us.

The reception was, in my opinion, the best part.  The food was amazing (BBQ Buffet, delish), don’t get me wrong.  But they had a sno-cone truck.  A sno-cone truck!  Brilliant!  I got blue raspberry, because I have to anytime it’s an option.  There was dancing (and yes, I danced), meeting tons of people I don’t remember, mingling with people that I already knew (‘sup, Wethereds/Powells/Colorado Bigelows?  Hope y’all had fun!), cake, conversations, great speeches from the best man and maid of honor (with no crying!  What a relief…) – phew.  It was a blast and a half, let me tell ya.  Literally – we ended with sparklers.

I spent Saturday night at the hotel with my parents, just to detox a bit.  Good idea – lord knows what went on once I left.

And now, it’s over.

On the one hand, it’s a relief.  Trust me.  On the other hand, sort of can’t believe it.  Like, whoa.  Now what?  Back to normalcy, I suppose.  Whatever that is.

And thus concludes Walruses and Weddings!  Hope you guys enjoyed coming along for the ride all August long.  I’ve got some things in store for the upcoming months, and I can’t wait for you to see them!

Whew.  Weddings.

Walruses and Weddings: Wedding Ahoy!!

It's HERE.
It’s HERE.


It’s happening.

I’m packed.  I’m shaved.  The relatives are here.  And in about an hour, we are heading down to the Wedding Venue where tomorrow, Buster and his fiancee Jen will be married.


It’s weird.  We’ve been talking about this for months and months and MONTHS – hell, this entire month has been mostly wedding posts – and now it’s here.  It’s going down.

I did have this thought when I woke up this morning, trying to not hide under the covers: once this is over, what do we have to think about now?  This huge, honking event has been a part of us for this long now, what happens when it’s all over?  Buster and Jen are going to be husband and wife, we head back home…and then what?  Just, hm.  I don’t know.  Back to work and worrying about something new, I guess (most likely the upcoming influx of new people at the library, which is something else entirely).

I do want to say, though, Buster, Jen.  Super super happy for the both of you.  Buster, I’ve known you my whole life (soon to be 24 years – holy balls), you’re my best friend, and…this is happening.  I mean, wow.  You’re getting married.  Getting down to it, it’s pretty damn awesome.  I know I’ve said that I’m nervous for the wedding, but I’m super excited about the two of you being united as a couple.  It’s going to be a whole new chapter in your guys’ life, and I can’t wait to see what happens.  And I can’t promise that I won’t be crying at the wedding, I’m sorry.  But you’re my brother, and I’m wishing you guys all the best for the future as a new little family unit.  Looking forward to seeing you very soon.

And Jen, I know we haven’t really talked a whole lot.  But, I do want to say, welcome to the family.  It’s great to have you be a part of it.  You and Buster make an absolutely adorable couple.  And you guys seem to have a better handle on this whole adulting thing than I certainly do.  Trust.

Whew.  Well.  Time to go finish getting ready.

And I will see you all on Monday!

Walruses and Weddings: Rings and Flowers

Proceed to squee.
Proceed to squee.

Well, look at these adorable little moppets, all set to wander down the aisle.  Once they’re done playing around, of course.  Looks like the Flower Girl is winning.

In other adorable animal news, anyone else see that Mei Xiang, one of the National Zoo pandas, had twins?  This makes me SO excited, you have no idea.  I come from a family of huge National Zoo panda lovers.  We went to Tai Shan’s 1st birthday party – loads of fun – we saw Bao Bao, and now twins!  Oh my God, so super stoked.  Regarding animals that I absolutely love, pandas are pretty high up there.  Not as high as walruses, obviously, but pretty high – somewhere between otters and elephants, I’d say.

Alright, panda gushing done.  Right.  Ring bearer and flower girl walruses – so cute.

Walruses and Weddings: The Coming Days

Success! Oh, and, uh, t-minus 8 days.
Success! Oh, and, uh, t-minus 8 days.

Well, looks like someone finally managed to wrestle Lars into a tie.  Similar to getting me to put one on.

And, yeah.  8 days.  Holy crap.  Where the hell has August gone?  It’s too surreal.

It’s like, I know it’s happening, but I’m not sure if it’s going to hit me until I am standing at the Wedding location (of which I won’t indulge) that oh my God, Buster’s getting married.  I think this week I’ve been really busy at work/too tired when I get home to really worry about it (for the best, really).  But I do think that this comic does sum up all of what I’m feeling: all over the place.  Super excited for Buster and Jen, nervous about having to interact with other people (my own relatives included), worried because when do I not ever worry, and just wanting it to go well.  Oh, and praying that I don’t end up crying.  Because I might.  Prepare yourselves.

Here at the home front it’s all kinds of crazy.  We’re gonna have relatives coming here in a matter of days, so my mom’s cleaning the house like a mad woman.  We’re all getting all nice and shorn and running out to grab new clothes – it’s happening.  At a breakneck pace, might I add.

…dang.  It’s going to happen.  And really, really soon.  It feels like I was just writing about how the wedding was a month away and now, it’s almost upon us.

Craziness, I tell you.  Craziness.

Walruses and Weddings: Bachelor Party

I'm fairly certain that Introvert Drew and Realist Drew would work together to shove Anxious Drew in the closet.
I’m fairly certain that Introvert Drew and Realist Drew would work together to shove Anxious Drew in a closet.  Just to shut him up.

First off, let me just say: I tried.  I really did want to shove aside my social anxiety and go to the Bachelor Party, to hang out with Buster, meet the other groomsmen, and generally enjoy myself.  For a while, looked like I was able to – it was on a Sunday, I had no work that day, my dad was going to drive me down there, it was all going to work out.

Then it got moved.  To Saturday.  When I had to work the closing shift at the library.  And I can’t trade shifts with anyone, because I’m literally working every single day up to the wedding.

I totally understand why – much more convenient for the general majority of those attending, they’d have a day to…recover, I suppose, totally makes sense.  I just can’t go.

It would be nice to meet the other groomsmen ahead of time, granted, and I’m kind of disappointed that I’m unable to attend.  But hey – I think this is a part of adulting: having to deal with situations just like this.  Also, I’m not the only groomsman unable to attend, so that does make me feel better to a degree.  It also makes me glad that I’m not the Best Man, because planning this would be my worst nightmare ever.

Buster, if you’re reading this, I tried.  Go out, have fun with your friends, I’ll see you on the 28th.

Walruses and Weddings: Tie-ing Things Up

Now THERE'S a face for the books.
Now THERE’S a face for the books.

Pretty much sums up my feelings about ties.  But of course, I’ll be wearing one myself for the wedding.  And it won’t even be the one that I own that I wear to pretty much any occasion that requires one (and yes folks, it has walruses on it).

The worst part about wearing a tie is trying to get that stupid top button buttoned so I can actually put on a tie, which usually results in me struggling for about 10 minutes and pinching myself repeatedly with my fat neck.  Then comes having to actually putting it on, which typically results in me having to ask a real adult to tie it for me, because I have no clue.  After that, it’s basically spending the day trying not to strangle myself or fidget around with the blasted thing.  The biggest relief is definitely being able to go home and ripping off the tie/unbuttoning that blasted button so my neck can finally BREATHE.

This time around, I have to tell myself, I’m doing this for Buster.  I’m a groomsman.  I have to do this.  I will wear this tie and walk down that aisle like the groomsman I am and stand there and look like the bossest groomsman EVER.

Or at least try.  Can’t fault me for that.

Walruses and Weddings: Facebook Friends

Legitimate questions, all of them.
Legitimate questions, all of them.

I am not looking forward to the day when babies start showing up on my Facebook feed.  It’s gonna happen, though – any day now.  And I am not ready.

Then again, I’m still not ready whenever someone’s new engagement/wedding photos suddenly pop up.  It’s like, “Wait, you’re engaged?  And now you’re married??  But, what, what happened?  How did you do that?  HOW?!?!  I’m still trying to figure out all this adulting stuff myself!”

It’s a good question, though: how do people my age know they’re ready to take this plunge?  At a time where some of us are trying to secure gainful employment or are still living with our parents, how is it that these guys are suddenly getting married and managing to start this new life as a married couple?  This is a huge commitment, and possibly one of the biggest steps that I can think of when it comes to being an adult.  Lord knows I’m so not ready for that yet.  Of course, still need to get started on that whole “dating” thing (which I’m still not ready to do yet), but yeah, not ready.  Not even close.

All in all, mazel tov to you all getting married.  Just know that I marvel at your adulting skills.

Walruses and Weddings: Worries

Bones is totally judging me right now.  Just look at that expression on his smug stuffed animal face.
Bones is totally judging me right now. Just look at that expression on his smug stuffed animal face.

Who needs to worry when I can do the worrying for you?

And yes, I do worry about human interaction on a daily basis.  In this case…I mean, I’m fairly certain a good portion of the wedding guests are my brother’s friends/future sister-in-law’s relatives whom I’ve never met (complete strangers – my other worst fear).  And I want to make a good impression beyond “Buster’s younger weirdo brother.”  It’s like high school all over again: I want the older kids to think I’m at least kinda cool/have it together.

Stupid?  Probably.  And yet it keeps me up at night anyways.

Walruses and Weddings: The Suit

Someone caught me dressed up nicely.  THE SHAME.
Someone caught me dressed up nicely. THE SHAME.

Picked up my brand new suit the other day.  Not going to lie – I actually kind of like it.

*cue collective gasp*

Well, it’s true.  I’ve never had a suit before – never had any reason to own one.  And now I do.  And, if I do say so myself, I look damn good in it.  So hopefully it will last me a very long time so I never have to step foot back into Men’s Wearhouse again.  Because that place still wigs me out.

Side note: If you’re reading this, thank you, Buster, for buying the suit instead of renting it.  I now see the logic of your choice.  And I really really really like it.