Avocados: A Step-by-Step Guide

I bring shame to millenials everywhere.

Yeah, not the biggest fan of avocado.  It feels like you’re biting into a candle and kinda tastes like grass clippings mixed with soap.  Or maybe it was just the ones we bought.  Either way, it is one high maintenance fruit-vegetable. Guacamole, on the other hand, I can roll with.  Just as long as someone… Continue reading Avocados: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cupcake WIN

By the way, I'm doing GREAT on that whole losing weight resolution...

A while ago, I did a comic about attempting to bake with Nutella, and how the cupcakes basically imploded into a big, sticky mess.  Admittedly, I was working without an actual recipe, hence the cupcake horror I unleashed in the oven. This time, I found a recipe whilst scrolling through YouTube for Nutella cupcakes.  And… Continue reading Cupcake WIN

Gone with the Cupcakes

Couldn't you at least saved me the spoon?

Baked goods never seem to last long in my house.  Case in point: the Sweet Potato Cupcakes I made to kick off the Holiday Baking season, a month long celebration of all things sweet to go with the festivities, as well as a deprivation of most of our baking ingredients.  Turned out nicely enough –… Continue reading Gone with the Cupcakes


The Pie Alarm 3000: For keeping that pie safe until the big day.

Down to the home stretch, people.  That last few days before Turkey Day.  And some people are gettin’ mighty hungry and attempting to sneak a bite or two.  But really, who could resist a nice big slice of fresh out of the oven pie?  Unless it’s like, I don’t know, Key Lime or something.  I… Continue reading Pie

Cupcake Fail

Oh dear Lord.

A few notes on baking cupcakes: 1. Flour is extremely important to baking.  Too much can result in some very dense cupcakes.  Too little can result in exploding cupcakes.  See picture for details. 2. Baking soda – also very important to baking, obviously.  Be careful how much you add in, or else your cupcakes may just… Continue reading Cupcake Fail