Gloomtober, Days 29+30 – Cauldron/Moon

The perfect time for some magic.

Well hey – here they are!  Miranda and Stella, witching it up in time for Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody!  Hope it’s as sweet or as spooky as you like.  And hope it’s a safe one, as well – I for one plan on spending mine watching horror movies and stealing leftover Halloween candy.

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Drawtober, Prompt 1 – Carvings

Getting all fancied up for the season!

Well well – don’t these guys look familiar?

Looks like a couple of witches getting their pumpkin-headed friends all set for the spooky season.  And aren’t they doing a fine job?

This is the first prompt of the other art challenge that I’m participating, Drawtober!  As previously stated, they only have 6 prompts for the month of October, just to give artists some breathing room.  Which I appreciate – even though I’m still doing a 31 day challenge…

Now, will I get Gloomtober’s drawing up today?  Probably not.  It’s still a work in progress.  And I’m tired.  Tomorrow.  Hopefully tomorrow.

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Intro: Cleo

Hang in there, Dot. Only a few dozen more.

Here she is – the most magical of my characters, Cleo Culpepper!

Out of the four Halloween storylines that I’ve done, the 2016 Revenge of the Stuffed Animals was probably my favorite.  I thought the writing and the pacing were the strongest, it didn’t take me forever and a day to finish it, I wasn’t trying too hard, and it allowed me to introduce Cleo as a character.

I think I wanted to introduce both a coworker character as well as a witch character.  So Cleo was able to tick both of those boxes.  For a while there, though, I wasn’t drawing her as much as I would’ve liked to.  Not sure why.  I do enjoy drawing her.  May have accidentally pushed her into the background.  Trying to rectify that.

Also, one of my favorite parts of drawing Cleo is coming up with her massive stuffed animal collection.  Due to her witchy nature, I’d like to think that all of her stuffed animals would be kind creepy/cute, and it’s fun to come up with new ones, like a two-headed cat or a little Sasquatch guy.  I like to think that each character has a bit of me in them, and with Cleo, it’s definitely the love of stuffed animals. I have way too many myself (and will probably buy more because I’m an adult with a regular paycheck and this is what I choose to spend it on).  There is also the fondness for avoiding people.  Trying to work on that.

Next up: Dot!

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A Most Magical Trio (Kind Of)

Whatever happened here is most likely Stella’s fault.

Honestly, I just felt like drawing these guys.  And from the look of things, they’ve gotten themselves into a bit of mess with some magical pests that just won’t leave…

I did say I wanted to branch out a bit and do more with other original characters that I have, sooooo…

I don’t know if I’ve ever properly introduced these guys, now that I think about it.  From left to right, they are Thorn, Stella, and Miranda.  Thorn’s a cactus golem, while Stella and Miranda are witches (more witches, Drew?  Gasp).  Still fleshing them out, but more will come, hopefully.

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