A Most Magical Trio (Kind Of)

Whatever happened here is most likely Stella’s fault.

Honestly, I just felt like drawing these guys.  And from the look of things, they’ve gotten themselves into a bit of mess with some magical pests that just won’t leave…

I did say I wanted to branch out a bit and do more with other original characters that I have, sooooo…

I don’t know if I’ve ever properly introduced these guys, now that I think about it.  From left to right, they are Thorn, Stella, and Miranda.  Thorn’s a cactus golem, while Stella and Miranda are witches (more witches, Drew?  Gasp).  Still fleshing them out, but more will come, hopefully.

Walruses and Hauntings 4: Back to Normal

Aaaaaand WE’RE DONE

And there we have it!  Walruses and Hauntings 4 done!

Granted, it should’ve been done like a month ago, but hey.  Here we are.

Hope you all enjoyed it!


Walruses and Hauntings 4: All Hallow’s End



Tune in Friday/Saturday for the conclusion!

Also, sorry about the wonky upload schedule.  Will be trying to get back to Monday/Wednesday/Friday next week!


Walruses and Hauntings 4: Readying the Troops

Kind of on a time crunch here, Cleo – no time to make it look good.

Time to run.  Again.

Happy Halloween, everybody!  May it be as spooky or as sweet as you like it!

Also, once again, didn’t manage to finish the story line in time for the holiday.  But oh well!  It will be finished at some point…next month…

Walruses and Hauntings 4: The Hallow Beast

Well, crap.

Could’ve gotten a nice Halloween spirit that hands out candy and maybe spook a few people.  But noooooo, it has to be the one that likes to take control of buildings and physically destroy people.  Whee.