Walrus Studies: Graduates

Actually had to double check I hadn’t done this one.

It’s been a while since we’ve a walrus study.

But hey!  Looks like our walrus friend and his red panda sidekick have graduated!  From now on, they are proud alumni of Miss Petra’s School for Tea Parties and Fun.

It’s a very exclusive school – only the best get in.

It’s been a bit rough, though, considering they’ve had to have virtual classes for the past couple of months, which really isn’t the same.  Hard to hold tea parties over video chat.  But they did it!

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Doctor Dot: Reaching Out

So many HUGS.

This was supposed to be up yesterday.


Somehow, my blog got corrupted, and everything kinda went kerblooey.

After a moment of panic, I did manage to find someone to fix it.  So everything is back up and running, thankfully.

Anyways.  Talk to your friends.  Good times will be had.

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Christmas Seasons: The Gift


Pretty sure Winter just gave Spring the gift she always wanted.

And there we go!  Christmas Seasons, all wrapped up.  And only 2 weeks after Christmas.

Sorry for not posting Monday – extenuating circumstances out of my control may have occurred (read: broken phone, sad Drew).  But yay finished storyline!

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