Little Beans

Look at these little beans!

And we’re back!

Sorry about the brief break.  A delightful mix of overthinking things/lack of ideas/general laziness decided to settle in with the new year.

So I decided to get back into the drawing game with Pokemon.  And these three little guys have gotten really popular in that community, and I do think they’re adorable.

So here we are – Spike the Pincurchin, Fred the Snom, and Pooka the Pyukumuku.  I don’t really do fanart, but this was fun.  Might do it again in the future.

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Going to the Movies

Maybe Detective Pikachu can help figure out what the heck is going on with Cleo’s necklace.

Yep.  Still haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame.  Actually not entirely sure when I am going to see it, ’cause I’m so far behind on the MCU movies.  Also not sure that I even really care enough to go see it.  Blasphemy, maybe.  But really I just don’t.

Detective Pikachu, on the other hand…well, as the hardcore Pokemon fanboy that I am, I’m all for it.  I am doing that fun thing where I’m constantly checking Rotten Tomatoes to see what its score is, and right now it’s holding at a steady 70%, which isn’t bad at all.  I have heard that it may skew more towards fans of the franchise itself, and all of the good reviews I’ve seen come from non-professional critics who are fans of Pokemon itself.

Which, I mean, I’ve been playing it for two thirds of my life at this point.  And if other fans are loving it, then bring it on.

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A Man Called Ove Giving Me Feelings

Ha ha ha OUCH.

Pretty much how it’s been reading this book.

In one chapter, I’m reading about Ove getting ready to kill himself in his garage.  The next, he’s punching a clown.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m loving it.  Frederik Backman is an amazing writer, (almost) all the characters are endearing in their own different ways (we do not talk about the Blond Weed), and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together at the end.  But man.  Some points are just rough.

At one point I had to come downstairs and straight out say to my mother, “Please – no more flashbacks.  I can’t take it.”  Again, not because it’s written badly, but because Ove’s life is a long series of sadness and loss.

But I still highly recommend it.  Seriously, makes me want to pick up the rest of Backman’s stuff.

As soon as I get through my very, very long list of other books I want to read.

NOTE: My mom has been begging me to read this book for at least the past 2 years now.  And yes, she is more than pleased that I’m reading/enjoying it.

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The Next Pokemon Game, aka My New Reason for Being

Hi, I’m 27.

There’s a new Pokemon game coming.

And I’m friggin’ stoked.

I’m pretty sure I made noises that most grown adults usually don’t make upon seeing the announcement.  But can you blame me?  I’ve been playing these games for the past 18 years or so (which is a good two-thirds of my life at this point, holy crap).  And for once – for ONCE – I have the right system to play this brand new game and I don’t have to WAIT.  EXCITEMENT.

There was a brief moment time when I may have turned my back on it, but that was like, middle school, when it wasn’t cool to like anything, really.  But now here I am, ready and set for the next generation to take me on another adventure into a whole new region with brand new Pokemon.

Only downside is that I have to wait until Fall for it to come out.  But you can bet that I will be snatching that sucker up the moment it’s available.  Because that’s one of the upsides of being an adult with a paying job – I can do that.  And no one can stop me.

Bring it on, Nintendo/Game Freak.  My body is ready.

NOTE: This is the first time I’ve drawn Pokemon since I was 11.  And I am pretty damn proud of how they turned out.

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Dear Lord, I look like a gremlin here.

For a while there, I wasn’t sure why it take forever and a day for my phone to charge up.  Was praying it wasn’t the phone.

Thankfully, it was the cord, which did indeed have to be in the exact right spot to get any sort of charge any at all.

Overall, I will take having to buy a $7 phone cord over what could’ve been a very expensive phone repair.

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