Intro: Lars

Lars lives for the morning. Willa just wants breakfast.

First up in character introductions: the walrus in I Draw Walruses, Lars!

He really did come about during an art class project.  We had to make papier-mache masks of any character we wanted.  I decided to take inspiration from Shel Silverstein and create a walrus with braces.  From here, Lars was born.

I would often pair him with Dot whenever I drew him all through middle school and high school.  They just seemed to be a good match, riffing off of each other with their different personalities.

During college, Lars sort of disappeared for a bit.  Even then, though, I would try to squeeze walruses into at least one art project per course (minus my life drawing class – I don’t think I would risk it given the terror that particular professor struck in me).  I even wrote a story featuring talking walruses for one of my writing courses once I fled the art department.

Walruses have been my trademark for quite some time, as you can see.  When I started up this blog, clearly, walruses needed to be involved.  And Lars came bouncing back into my life.

It’s hard to believe it was just me, him, and Willa for the longest time.  And now it’s become all this.  Lars was truly the beginning of it all for me – getting back into drawing and creating.  I’m fairly certain if I ever get something done in the picture book arena, Lars would be front and center.

Next up: Willa!

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Walrus Studies: Graduates

Actually had to double check I hadn’t done this one.

It’s been a while since we’ve a walrus study.

But hey!  Looks like our walrus friend and his red panda sidekick have graduated!  From now on, they are proud alumni of Miss Petra’s School for Tea Parties and Fun.

It’s a very exclusive school – only the best get in.

It’s been a bit rough, though, considering they’ve had to have virtual classes for the past couple of months, which really isn’t the same.  Hard to hold tea parties over video chat.  But they did it!

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2020 in a Nutshell

Screaming internally, screaming eternally.


It certainly has been a time now, hasn’t it.

We’ve gone from the brink of WWIII (January) and Australia being on fire (February) to being in the midst of a pandemic (March), dealing with killer hornets (April) and now, the United States is on fire (May-June).

It has been…a lot.

Like, 2020 has been pulling no punches and just keeps dishing stuff out.  It’s crazy, man.  I am all up for joining Anemone under the sea at this point.

On a more serious note, I have already posted my thoughts about everything that’s going on over on Facebook, but to sum it up here:

  1. Now is NOT the time for all lives matter.  Now is the time for Black Lives Matter.  Now is the time to give Black people the microphone.  Period.
  2. I really, really hope something good comes out of all this, and that everyone participating in the protests stay safe.
  3. Derek Chauvin and his fellow cops can rot.
  4. Donald Trump needs to take an exit.  Or least have his Twitter taken away.
  5. George Floyd.  Breonna Taylor.  Tony McDade.  Say their names.

It would feel a bit remiss to not at least mention something here about it.  Now is the time to learn and listen.  Believe me, I’m doing both.

Okay.  Back to screaming.


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Walrus Mermaid

Does this count as a Walrus Study?  I dunno.

LOL JK one more mermaid drawing.

Someone pointed out that it was surprising that I hadn’t drawn anything walrus related for Mermay.

So I decided to fix that.

I’ve named him Clark.  Because he seems like a Clark.  Also, I think he might be my new favorite.  He’s too cute.

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Walrus Studies: The Merman

Because sometimes you just feel like drawing a merman.

Well now.  Our walrus friend here was just wandering around at the beach, taking in the sights, when something caught his eye, just beyond the cliffs.  The briefest of bright green shimmers, catching the light.  Well, he had to see what it was, right?

And look what he found!  A merman, chilling on the rocks, doing a bit of people watching himself.  Certainly appears as though they caught each other’s interest, and are now on their way to becoming friends!

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Walrus Studies: That Moment

It’s an odd sort of feeling.

Looks like our walrus friend here has just gotten through an entire series of books.  He’s bonded with the characters, he’s immersed himself into their world, he’s seen them perservere through all sorts of trials and tribulations – he’s even read through all of the supplementary books that aren’t a part of the main series.  And now, he’s done.  The journey has ended.

Now what’s he supposed to do?

…wait a few months and read it again, I suppose.

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Walrus Studies: Fireflies

It’s all one big mating ritual, of course, as is everything in nature.

Looks like our walrus friend and his red panda sidekick are enjoying one of their favorite parts of summer: fireflies.  They’ve waited until twilight, and have headed out into the backyard to catch some for themselves.  They always let them go, of course, but it’s always fascinating even for a brief moment to hold that bit of light in their hands.

Sorry for the wonky posting schedule.  Summer at work has been a bit crazier than I have anticipated.  But I promise that I will definitely try to post when I can.

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