Walrus Studies: A New Hobby

All tied up in knots.

Looks like our walrus friend has taken this opportunity to pick up a new skill: knitting!  And from the looks of things, he’s, um, making progress.  Kind of.  Maybe.

…it’ll just take a little bit of practice.  Or a lot.  Just hang in there, man.

Walrus Studies: The Merman

Because sometimes you just feel like drawing a merman.

Well now.  Our walrus friend here was just wandering around at the beach, taking in the sights, when something caught his eye, just beyond the cliffs.  The briefest of bright green shimmers, catching the light.  Well, he had to see what it was, right?

And look what he found!  A merman, chilling on the rocks, doing a bit of people watching himself.  Certainly appears as though they caught each other’s interest, and are now on their way to becoming friends!

Walrus Studies: That Moment

It’s an odd sort of feeling.

Looks like our walrus friend here has just gotten through an entire series of books.  He’s bonded with the characters, he’s immersed himself into their world, he’s seen them perservere through all sorts of trials and tribulations – he’s even read through all of the supplementary books that aren’t a part of the main series.  And now, he’s done.  The journey has ended.

Now what’s he supposed to do?

…wait a few months and read it again, I suppose.

Walrus Studies: Fireflies

It’s all one big mating ritual, of course, as is everything in nature.

Looks like our walrus friend and his red panda sidekick are enjoying one of their favorite parts of summer: fireflies.  They’ve waited until twilight, and have headed out into the backyard to catch some for themselves.  They always let them go, of course, but it’s always fascinating even for a brief moment to hold that bit of light in their hands.

Sorry for the wonky posting schedule.  Summer at work has been a bit crazier than I have anticipated.  But I promise that I will definitely try to post when I can.

Walrus Studies: Not So Handy

Uh oh.

Well, looks like our walrus friend’s dealing with some plumbing issues.  The shower wouldn’t turn off, so he’s decided to take care of it himself.

Only he might not know what he’s doing, and, well, he might need a new faucet handle.  And the number of a decent plumber.  And also to turn the water off before he tinkers with anything else.

Walrus Studies: Back to the 60’s

Hard to make a peace sign when you don’t have fingers.

Looks like our walrus friend felt like dressing up for the day.  Apparently, he decided to take a trip back to the 60’s and throw on some tie-dye and a peace necklace to get in touch with his inner hippie.  Or maybe not-so-inner.  He’s a pretty peaceful guy, so maybe it’s more letting it out full force.  Either way, he’s feeling the vibes, man.

Walrus Studies: Flower Crowns

The perfect Springtime accessory.

Looks like our walrus friend here has embraced Spring with open arms and a flowered head!

Of course, he wants to make sure all of his friends are seasonally appropriate as well, so he and his red panda sidekick are getting crafty with some flower crowns.  A little tape, a bit of hot glue, a few twists and boom!  Floral headgear for all.

Walrus Studies: Naptime

Livin’ the life right there.

Looks like our walrus friend is doing pretty much what I wanted to all of yesterday – settling down for a much needed nap.  Because after a long week, isn’t that what we all would want/need?  Just to curl up under a blanket, surrounded by pillows, and doze the day away?

Walrus Studies: Inspiration

Have no clue where he got the lute.

Well, looks like someone was inspired by his recent trip to the art museum!

Yes indeed, our walrus friend has decided to take a page from Johannes Vermeer’s playbook and portray a scene from daily life.  Of course, one has to wonder how daily someone plays the lute anymore.  Also not sure how he managed to get his red panda sidekick to model/hold still for this long.

Let’s be just be happy he didn’t decide to emulate Jackson Pollock.  That would be one heck of a mess.