Pajama Pants

All hail the Grinch pants.

Every so often, I’ll have that one day where I’ve got nothin’ to do, and nowhere to go.  So out come the pajama pants, or more specifically, the Grinch pants, perhaps the comfiest piece of clothing that I own.  And what ensues is a full day of nothing but blobbing out and not giving a… Continue reading Pajama Pants


We're so fancy, you don't even know.

  Got my first paycheck the other day.  Basically doubled my bank account.  This is a good summation of how I felt. It’s now definitely set in: I have a job.  I get money for that job.  I’m going to keep getting money from that job.  I get to either save this money or blow… Continue reading Paycheck



…not much to say here.  Just a random drawing that came about as a result of me eating something sticky (a Cobblestone from Panera’s) over my sketchbook.  Worked out in the end, I think.  

Technical Difficulties 2: The Interrogation

No Good Cop here.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another when it comes to my laptop.  First, it needed a new fan and battery.  Then, it decided to keep turning off despite the new fan.  THEN, the Wi-Fi didn’t want to work.  All in the span of a couple of weeks. Now it’s back home and all fixed.… Continue reading Technical Difficulties 2: The Interrogation

Walrus Studies: The Easter Walrus

Spreadin' the Easter cheer.

  Since Easter is this Weekend, I thought that I should help spread some good Easter wishes.  And what better way than with an adorable Easter Walrus?  Look at him, with his basket full of eggs and treats for all the boys and girls (and, judging from that dead fish, little walruses).  Downright jaunty, I’d… Continue reading Walrus Studies: The Easter Walrus

One of THOSE Days

Chipotle has some amazing powers...

Yesterday started out…not the greatest.  I don’t know why, I was just in a really bad mood for most of the day.  Some awful kind of emotional malaise that started when I got up and wouldn’t go away.  I may or may not have gotten a little snippy and wanted to avoid people forever. Then… Continue reading One of THOSE Days

Drew Disconnected

It's been a loooooooong week...

So, my laptop is currently in the shop since it finally decided it’d had enough and wouldn’t turn on.  It’s been there since Friday, meaning that I’ve been laptop-less for about 6 days and have had to share the big master computer in the study with my parents. And I’m not going to lie –… Continue reading Drew Disconnected

First Day

Back to school - er, work.

My last day of volunteering at the library was yesterday.  Kind of a surreal feeling, really.  I might’ve actually choked up a bit shelving the holds (books people have reserved) and doing the Picklist (finding books to be put on hold) for possibly the last time.  I’ve been volunteering for so long now, it’s definitely… Continue reading First Day


Those things pack a wallop.

One of my favorite/least favorite things to work with when I’m cooking are onions.  I love the taste of onions, and I think that they are the bacon of the vegetable world in that they improve the flavor of a lot of foods.  In essence, onions are great to cook and eat. However, I also… Continue reading Onions

Walrus Studies: A Friend


So, walruses are my favorite animal of all time.  Coming in at second, though, would definitely have to be otters.  They’re so freakin’ adorable and fluffy and have reduced grown men to squeeing in delight.  So, here, I just decided to throw ’em together.  Because, why not?