Car Troubles: Epilogue

"Drew, that's not a car fairy. That's the neighbor's cat."

Yeah, I don’t know.  My car got a new alternator, the car was still acting up, took it back to the garage – they couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  Took it back home – it’s been working perfectly ever since.  Even the CD Player magically came back to life as I was out and… Continue reading Car Troubles: Epilogue

Car Troubles

I'm getting so much use out of that hammer.

So, my car has been giving me some trouble recently.  The CD player’s busted, the radio keeps resetting itself, and now my car keeps doing this weird hiccup thing whenever I reach 40 mph.  And this is all been within the last 3 days. But as you can see here, I think I’m handling this… Continue reading Car Troubles


"...and maybe try Googling it, tooooo..."

  So, since last year was the Year of Drew’s Mental Breakdown, a big part of that was me morphing into a hypochondriac.  Everything and anything that I thought was remotely wrong with me had to double checked on WebMD, my best friend/enabler.  Chest twinge?  I must be having a heart attack.  Back pain?  Heart… Continue reading Hypochondria

Thursday Morning


  So, my Thursday morning began rather abruptly at 4 AM like this: “Thump.  Thump.  CRASH.” My first thought was, Oh no, something awful has happened to Dad, who’s typically getting up to go to the Gym at this time.  Like, I’d find his body, prone at the bottom of the stairs. Upon realizing that… Continue reading Thursday Morning