Day and Night

Time to leave the lights on all night!

I love being home alone during the day.  I love being able to watch whatever I want without fear of judgment, bouncing around from room to room, and generally having some me-time all to myself. The moment it gets dark, though, is when everything changes. It’s as if somebody has ratcheted my paranoia up to… Continue reading Day and Night


We're so fancy, you don't even know.

  Got my first paycheck the other day.  Basically doubled my bank account.  This is a good summation of how I felt. It’s now definitely set in: I have a job.  I get money for that job.  I’m going to keep getting money from that job.  I get to either save this money or blow… Continue reading Paycheck

Student Loans

Annoying little weirdo.

So, I’m a chronic worrier. I worry about a lot of things, most of which I have absolutely no control over.  Whether it be the drought out in California or whether or not the world will literally implode today, I have spent days stuck on thinking, “Oh God, what if this happens or that happens… Continue reading Student Loans

First Day

Back to school - er, work.

My last day of volunteering at the library was yesterday.  Kind of a surreal feeling, really.  I might’ve actually choked up a bit shelving the holds (books people have reserved) and doing the Picklist (finding books to be put on hold) for possibly the last time.  I’ve been volunteering for so long now, it’s definitely… Continue reading First Day

Adulting: NEW JOB

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus.

Oh yeah.  It’s happening.  It’s finally, finally happening. After 10 very long months of doing nothing, I am gainfully employed. Starting March 21st, I will be working at the library where I’ve been volunteering at as a page.  Basically, I’ll be one of those people you see running around with a cart shelving books, amongst… Continue reading Adulting: NEW JOB

The Waiting Game 2: Paranormal Activity


As you can see, I’m still waiting.  I also appear to be possessed by some impatient demon who just REALLY wants to know about this job. But for real, though, it’s been about a week or so, and I am starting to get a little antsy.  Like, to the point where I’ve been checking my… Continue reading The Waiting Game 2: Paranormal Activity